Youtube Thumbnail Maker

Youtube Thumbnail Maker

Make Your Youtube Channel Perfect with Thumbnail Maker

Create a perfect YouTube thumbnail that will draw viewers' attention! Youtube thumbnails are basic but very important elements to make your video watched. Don't waste your video with improper Youtube thumbnails.

We believe you've created a fantastic video to share on your channel. You've spent hours writing a script, creating the perfect scenario, editing with significant effects, and finally, it's time to upload your final work! The other important thing is to include other elements that will help you rank higher in search optimization. Let's assume that you've found the right headline, added a cool description, tagged with specifically defined keywords, and now it's time to create Youtube Thumbnail for your channel!

A YouTube thumbnail is not just a photo or a design. You have a chance to draw attention to your videos with a visual, which is a thumbnail. Using an image from the video itself is not always a good idea. People sometimes are lazy to read, but they still look and clearly can catch the uniqueness. They see if an attractive visual is right there and waiting for them to click. It's a common fact that we sometimes fall in with the appearances. Make your video appearance great with Folip's Youtube Thumbnail maker.

How to make a Thumbnail for Youtube

  1. Log in or sign up on Folip quickly.
  2. Choose the Youtube Thumbnail category and search your style in many templates created by a professional designers team.
  3. Start customizing fonts, colors, background, and add elements according to your content. Time to be creative!
  4. Save your design and download it in your preferred format.

A cool photo means a cool impression

Well… A photo itself is not enough to be uploaded as a thumbnail. But also, a picture is an essential element that you definitely need to use. When creating a Youtube Thumbnail, firstly take a photo of your video that is combined with your content. For example, if you made a recipe video, take a picture of your delicious meal. Change the photo concept according to your video creation. Your photo needs to represent your video content and clearly convey the right message to people. Take one cool photo according to your concept. Upload it to Folip so you can use it when customizing a YouTube Thumbnail template. Make the first impression cool.

A catchy text on the thumbnail is important as headline

We know that headlines have immense importance to get noticed in the Youtube search. Add a text that will call action and make people click on your video. Check out Folip's template to understand where to place your text. Create harmony between your text, photo, and other elements. Enrich your content and create the perfect Youtube Thumbnail.

Create Youtube Thumbnail with emojis, Icons, and crazy lines!

There is no limit to perfection. To create eye-catchy YouTube thumbnails, you can use extraordinary elements. Add emojis to show your reactions, use icons to visualize your story, or include some lines that cannot be controlled. That will keep your thumbnail alive and different. Don't be ordinary. With Folip's professionally designed Youtube Thumbnail templates, it is not hard to create an unusual Youtube Thumbnail. Customize the dream content.

Size and format matters in social media

Adding the Youtube thumbnail in the right format is very important. As Youtube asks you to upload in the right sizes and format, be sure that you've created the proper thumbnail. The Thumbnail size for Youtube is 1280x720 pixels. It can be uploaded as Png or jpeg format that you can save as both on Folip after designing a great thumbnail.

Keep up the great work. We're always here to bring you the hottest design trends to you!