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We usually see that famous YouTubers have cool YouTube logos and well branding. You can make your channel stunning with a great YouTube logo created by Folip's easy-to-use tools.

Increasing brand awareness on YouTube and engaging with channel viewers is not always easy. To create a fresh-looking and well-branded channel starts with a great Youtube logo. So, the logo is a representative of your channel; creating an attractive one is vital. Have you ever checked the logo of other influencers? Even they don't have a symbol like brands, they usually use a text logo with their channel names, which is still attractive. A logo may seem small but has a significant influence on your channel.

We know the content is a large part of reputation. But to know how to sell that content is much more important. Using the right YouTube thumbnail, banner, and logo is reflecting your channel branding. And your channel branding will give your viewers the first impression. Think about that the seconds you have to impress new subscribers; how would you utilize that? By starting with essential elements like the logo.

Whether you want to make videos about cooking, make-up, fashion, science, etc., creating a logo for your concept will make you look professional. You can start creating one on Folip's YouTube logo maker with no design skills needed.

Learn how to make an eye-catching YouTube logo step by step.

How to make a YouTube logo

  1. Log in to your Folip account or sign up here quickly.
  2. Choose a YouTube Logo Template from our library created by a professional designers team.
  3. Customize a template with Folip's easy-to-use features. You can drag & drop items, change the colors, add your channel name or edit the font. Ta-da! You've done the first essential element of your YouTube channel.
  4. Save as the necessary format and upload your logo to YouTube.

Why is the logo so powerful?

A YouTube channel logo helps you to have a professional look, to build trust and credibility. These are vital features for the first impression, which affect your potential subscribers. It represents you, your digital identity. Think about, when you see a channel without a YouTube logo, how do you feel? Does it evoke you to enter inside or keep scrolling? Come on; you know the answer!

In colors we trust

Choosing the right color palette is always crucial for every design. Professionals never select colors randomly. There is a science about it that we call color theory. It shows which color pair is perfect for your branding materials. Besides, all colors have exciting meanings. Not finished yet! Every color also has a different background in different cultures. As much as you dive into colors, your design will become more meaningful.

Catch all the eyes with your logo

An outstanding logo will impress viewers on Youtube and is a useful way to boost your Youtube channel. Increase your subscription growth with professional branding materials. Design anything you need with Folip's templates. Use YouTube Logo Maker, Thumbnail Maker, or Banner Maker to have all the required elements for starting a channel. We always have your inspiration.