Wine Label Maker

Make a unique wine label design in minutes

Get a stunning wine label design using Folip's wine label maker to influence customers' buying behavior. Are you a home winemaker who is trying to build a brand? Would you like to convert your grapes into delicious wines— sealed with an eye-catching label? This is the right time to make that happen.

An elegant wine label design helps your brand to catch premium wine brands' level. Let us explain why. How do you succeed in standing out among the many wine brands on the shelf? Do you think people buy a wine depending on the brand's tastes in the small grocery? Not exactly. People generally pick a wine bottle depending on the brand's label. Designs have a massive impact on sales. A great wine label helps to increase your brand's profits and growth.

However, is it hard to find a cost-effective designer? Look no further than Folip to create unique wine labels for free. We will explain step by step how you can make your own wine label design effortlessly. Then you will have a stunning one just after a few minutes. Let's see how to create one with Folip's wine label maker.

How to make wine labels

  1. Log into your Folip profile, or create a new account to start a project.
  2. Dig inside the wine label templates library until you find the one you love most. Search with relevant keywords, such as vintage wine labels.
  3. Choose a template that suits your brand from the wine label maker. Then customize it depending on your design taste. Folip's drag and drop features make the design process simple for you.
  4. If you are satisfied with your wine label, save it to update anytime. Then download it in any format.

Zero design skills needed

To figure out how to design a wine label, ask yourself this; who is your target audience? Is it young people in college or people who give importance to classy designs? Then get started by choosing a template from Folip's huge selection library. Not only can you customize a template, but also create your design from scratch. Make your choice of how to start based on your technical skills. In any case, you can use Folip's features without training.

Design your gift on wine label maker

Stop searching for the best and romantic gift to impress your love. There is no better idea than a personalized wine bottle label. Besides a unique gift idea, you can design custom wine bottles for any special day, like weddings. We are sure all guests will love the unique wine bottles.

No more struggle to create

Brand solutions have never been easier for small businesses. Once you've created a design using Folip, you will get how easy it is. You can find various templates, from logos to social media platforms. Also, all features are free to use.

Start now to join Folip's design world.