Create WhatsApp Stickers for Free

Make free WhatsApp stickers effortlessly to have more fun chatting

You can send different stickers to your friends when you are chatting with them on WhatsApp. It is a comfortable choice to express your feelings on a messaging app. Plus, people love to communicate in funny ways in groups. Do you want to make your conversations cooler? Let’s create your own stickers!

Whatsapp stickers are becoming more popular. There are tons of stickers that match everybody's feelings. Why do people love them that much? The answer is clear: they are quicker, easier, and more excited! They make communication enjoyable on messaging apps. Choosing and sending a sticker is quicker than typing texts on a small screen.

Furthermore, it is a remarkable marketing tool. If you use Whatsapp stickers with the right tactics, they will be useful for your brands. For example, Disney uses sticker packages to promote their new movies. Why don’t you follow a similar strategy for your business?

Sounds scary? No worries! You can make stickers with no effort using the drag-and-drop feature. Best, you don’t need design tutorials to do them. Join Folip, and get to know how easy to design stickers.

Let’s follow the instructions below.

How to make your WhatsApp stickers

  1. Start with logging into your profile. Otherwise, you can register here in seconds.
  2. Dig inside Folip’s library to find favorite layouts. We have various WhatsApp sticker templates for any business.
  3. Customize the chosen design as much as you want. You have the freedom to make your ready-made template personalized. Then, make your last touches.
  4. Ta-ta-ta! You’ve got the very first stickers. Congratulations. Save and use it on your WhatsApp account.

Upload your own illustration

Do you have a brand representative, such as mascots? Hey, create stickers inspired by your mascot. It is an excellent idea to build effective communication with your customers. You can create stickers not only for your brand but also for your friends. Turn your pet, loved ones, or friend’s photos into stickers. They will love your hilarious stickers when they get a notification from WhatsApp.

Try our free templates

Once you’ve created an account on Folip, you will access various captivating templates for free! Make cost-effective designs to improve your business. We want to support you whenever you need us.

Do you want to amp up your brand’s communication with WhatsApp Stickers? Look no further than Folip to create the greatest impact for your brand. Try now.