Wedding Seating Chart Maker

Make stunning wedding seating chart designs in Folip

Congratulations on the upcoming big day! A wedding is a significant deal, and we understand the pressure. No need to worry anymore because Folip is here to rescue you. How? Glad you asked. With Folip's free wedding seating chart maker, you can instantly make a wedding seating chart and take down the wedding stress a lot.

Professional designers create all the templates in Folip, and so all your designs are guaranteed to look topnotch. Are you going for a rustic themed wedding or maybe more like cinderella in wonderland? Why not much the theme with wedding seat chart. With plenty of seating plan templates to choose from, you'll indeed find a perfect one in Folip.

How to create a seating chart in Folip's wedding seating chart maker

  1. To design your first seating plan, log into your Folip account or sign up in a few steps.
  2. Once you get access to your Folip account, head over to our seating chart templates, which you'll find under our template menu. Here, you'll see plenty of templates that you can choose from.
  3. Found a template of your choice? Perfect. Now it's time to customize it. Folip has lots of images, graphics, font types, and icons that you can add to your design. Tweak the template however much or little you like and see it come to perfection.
  4. Happy with that stunning seating chart design? Hit the save button and cross that off your wedding plan to-do list.

Never start over with Folip's free seating chart maker

Imagine if you always had to start from scratch with each design. You wouldn't ever finish designing, and you probably wouldn't get your design as the same before every time. That's why you can keep editing where you left off on Folip. Simply carry on from where you stopped each time and complete your wedding seating chart whenever you want.

Save money and time

Because you always carry off from where you left, designing in Folip saves you so much time. You don't need to have a budget or plenty of time scheduled out when you're using Folip's seating chart creator.

Share your designs how you like

Do you want to send your wedding seating chart design via email or through the mail? Or maybe even both? You can do it right away. Send your design directly through email or send it to the printer and head straight to the post office.

Get another opinion

Get a second, third, or fourth opinion on your seating chart design. You can send an editable link from Folip's seating chart maker to your design committee and get their input.

Just head over to Folip and get started.