Create Wedding Programs

Design elegant wedding programs for your dream wedding

Wedding memories last a lifetime, and that's why lots of pressure comes with that. However, it's essential to enjoy wedding planning because it's a big part of the process and you should make every moment count. What's more critical than stress-free wedding planning is a stress-free wedding. How do you ensure this? By designing wedding programs for the special day.

Wedding programs are anything but restrictive. In fact, they're perfect for any wedding. Whether you're inviting the whole neighborhood or just having those close to heart, a wedding program helps keep the flow in order. You won't have to start looking for your cousin at the bar when it's time for the family photos or get repeatedly asked what's going to happen next.

Wedding programs can also set the wedding tone and get your loved ones even more excited about the wedding. Whether you're going for something bohemian or whimsical, you can find the perfect wedding program template in Folip.

How to make a wedding program

  1. Firstly, log into your Folip account or sign up here for free.
  2. Now that you've signed up, go to our templates menu and browse through plenty of wedding program examples. Here, you'll find many wedding program ideas that can give you some inspiration for your design.
  3. After a heavy dose of inspiration, get to work, and begin personalizing your wedding plan template. Import your images to your design more heartfelt, or choose from hundreds of high-quality photos in Folip.
  4. Happy with your new wedding program? Perfect. Save your wedding schedule template now and download it.

Design with zero cost

Weddings aren't the most budget-friendly events to plan, and that's why at Folip, we didn't want to add to the pressure. You can take your pick at free wedding program templates in Folip and create your dream wedding program.

Craft professional wedding programs

With Folip, you don't have to try a thousand times to get your design right. Because Folip's intuitive wedding program maker is so easy to use, you'll achieve professional status in minutes.

Get a second opinion

Why not bring your trusted ones in on your wedding program design? All you need is to send them an editable link, and they can join in your wedding planning journey.

Create what else you need

Even though Folip is an exceptional tool for creating wedding programs, you can use it for so much more. After you've completed your wedding cards, you can start designing your wedding seat chart and, who knows, maybe even a design for your baby shower? Sorry. Not trying to put pressure on you. How about just starting with wedding programs for now?