Watermark Maker for Free

Get help from a watermark maker to prevent plagiarism from your arts

Today's digital world allows to share anything, but also copying as well. So to prevent that happen to your work without your permission, start using Folip's watermark maker for full protection.

If you are a photographer who shares your artwork on your website every day, you may need your own signature on the images. You wouldn't want to see your image with a different name. It is quite a shock! You should use watermarks to reduce stealing. Why don't you create a transparent watermark?

Would you like to make your watermark in minutes? Use Folip's easy watermark maker. You can focus more on your core work. Let's join us and simply choose a ready-made template from our library.

After a few small touches, you'll have your watermark. You can change it with drag and drop features, depending on your needs. If you are not happy with the results, you can update anytime.

Are you ready but now sure how you should create it? Let us explain. Follow the instructions step by step.

How to make a watermark

  1. First, log into your account or register here to create a new account. As an alternative way, you can sign up for Folip with Facebook or Google.
  2. Dig inside our impressive library to find a watermark. Once you've found one, you can start editing.
  3. Customize your chosen design using our watermark maker, to fit perfectly on your branding.
  4. Save and download your work. Apply it to any item you want.

Great watermark examples

Using photos without permission or credit is not cool. Keep your photos safe with watermarks while sharing them on the internet. You can use a few brand assets on your photos as a watermark. Do you have a logo? It is a perfect watermark. Add the logo wherever you want on your image, and tweak the opacity. Is it a great idea, right? Oh, don't you have one yet? Check Folip's logo maker to create a unique one.

You can have various signatures. Using your website URL as a watermark is another smart way. If you have a portfolio or website, sometimes you can add your URL to your photos with the watermark maker. It also helps you to promote your website.

Do you want one more shot? Generally, photographers use their names as a watermark on their photos. It is easier to recognize an artist with a name and helps to spread their fame. You need to pick your font, and then your watermark is ready! If you can't decide on fonts, read our choosing the right fonts article.

Check our all free effective watermark designs to keep thieves away from your masterpieces. Create right now before it is too late.