Wallpaper Maker

Wallpaper Maker

Design Custom Backgrounds with Folip's wallpaper maker

In researches, it shows that people check their phones 80 times a day. Why not look at something fun when we do that? Use wallpaper maker to create amazing designs?

We believe that wallpapers reflect a style. Let's create a wallpaper with Folip's online wallpaper maker to show your mood. Using wallpapers is highly loveable, especially when we consider smartphone usage statistics. When people try to find new wallpaper, they prefer to choose one that evokes their emotions positively. Wallpaper is a big deal!

You can make your unique design by using a wallpaper maker. If you feel like you are too lazy to design from scratch, then you are in the right place! Since Folip helps you create your personalized wallpaper in a few minutes, you don't need to spend hours learning how to design. Find a template and start editing. You can reach various elements to create what you need. Folip provides a drag & drop feature to customize a template easily. Change fonts, upload images that represent your style, or just use a stock photo from the gallery. It's time to make personalized wallpapers that you will enjoy every step of creating with Folip.

How to create wallpapers

  1. Log in to your Folip account or sign up here quickly.
  2. Choose Wallpaper Templates from Folip's massive library.
  3. Customize a template with Folips's easy-to-use features.
  4. Save, upload to your devices and show it on your social media.

Use wallpaper maker anytime

You can use wallpapers in different ways. For instance, your wallpaper can motivate you to study harder or relax your mind, or it can encourage you to work better. A wallpaper even can be a reminder for important tasks when you check your phone. One more clue! If you add a text like ''Don't touch my phone!'' to your wallpaper, it will help others stay away from your phone. It is a great way to distract snoopers!

Create your wallpapers for special days

Change your wallpaper according to special days and times like New Year, birthdays, Valentine's days, or seasons. Personalizing wallpaper is always fun! You can add to your wallpaper some relevant icons like Christmas decorations.

Customize anytime anywhere

If you want to change something on your wallpaper design, you can customize 24/7 anywhere with Folip. Every little touch will make it fabulous.

Color combinations

Determining the right colors has a vital role in evoking the emotions of people. With true colors, you can create beautiful wallpapers. Use colors to stay more focused, not to strain your eyes, and even to relax them.

Share with your friends

Don't keep the fantastic designs just for yourself. Share it with your friends and inspire them. Maybe you create wallpapers that will be combined with your friends.