Valentine Cards Maker

Valentine Cards Maker

Make your own Valentine's day card with free templates

Start designing easily with Folip's free Valentine cards maker. Make everyone you love feel special by creating a unique Valentine's Day card and show your love. Let's see how to make your own card with free to use templates.

Today, Valentine's day has been celebrating all over the world every year on February 14th. It's a holiday to express feelings between family members, couples, friends, and all beloved ones. Valentine's day is exceptional because love and all the good feelings are worth celebrating for anyone. Apart from being extraordinary, it also has intense energy for making people open up, bring together, or even make peace with broken relations. It's a time of the year you can make all that happen by using Valentine's day as a reason. So anyone can express their feelings and tell how much they care with free Valentine cards.

While expressing all those powerful feelings, why not have a Valentine's Day card to keep the memory of those? You can design from scratch with a blank page or select a ready-made template and customize it according to yourself. Let's learn how.

Create free valentine cards very easily

  1. First of all, create an account or sign in to folip.
  2. After you've signed in, find the search bar and type Valentine's day or related keywords according to your preference.
  3. Once you've selected the favorite template, you can edit it and make a special card. Use heart-shaped icons, lines, or add pictures to personalize it more. You're free to do anything with the simple use of folip.
  4. And lastly, save your work. Now you can download it in the preferred format. You can now share it with your precious one!

Exclusive items for an exclusive day

Designing is not as easy as it seems. Colors, icons, placing, and everything has to be in total harmony. So as Valentine's day has a lovely concept, choose your elements accordingly. Create free Valentine Cards with folip.

Here are some tips for create amazing & free Valentine cards:

- Striking colors reflect the power of love. So you can use red, pink, or purple to make your design catchy and attractive.

- Add a personal text from yourself. Do you want to express your deepest emotions? Try writing some of them. Mentioning an old memory, adding a meaningful quote or a simple sentence to tell how you feel will make your card peerless.

- Include icons just for you two. Let's assume you had traveled to many countries together. So, add an icon to remind your trips or meals you ate together. Because just you two will understand what those icons actually reflect. And you can do that with Folip's free Valentine cards maker.

- Add a photo of a story. When creating online Valentine's cards, include a picture from a precious moment that reminds the story of that day. So your card will be carrying the meaning of it after Valentine's day as well.

You can customize ready-made Valentine's day card templates or collect all the items together and create something for yourself.

Make your move at the right time

You've done your special Valentine's day card, and it's time to share! You can print it out or save a digital copy, then send it to your family members, friends, or loved ones. If you want to make this day more unique and breathtaking, organize an event like a dinner, holiday, or a short trip. Then give your card in an intense moment to impress your lover.

Do you want your friends, family or lover to design like you? You can share Folip's free Valentine cards maker and tell about the free templates!