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Do you want to increase your engagement on Twitter? Use Folip's Twitter post generator to create dazzling designs just in minutes.

280 characters are not enough to attract anymore, while many tweets are flowing fast on our mobile phones. Whether you use Twitter for personal or business purposes, you can create unique Tweets for your followers from the Twitter post generator. If you want a noticeable profile, you should post tweets with incredible images.

Indeed, Twitter is a strong platform to promote any business. Are you searching for ways to double your engagement? You can increase your followers by sharing Twitter posts that include well-designed images. Even so, do you need better designs? Folip's Twitter post generator can solve your problem. You can gain not only more followers but also turn those followers into customers, thanks to the best tweets.

Create impressive Twitter posts in only minutes. Let's follow our easy instructions below.

How to make Twitter posts

  1. Open your Folip account to start your Twitter post design. Oh, don't have a profile yet? Create a new one in seconds.
  2. Search for a Twitter post template. Pick one depending on your intended purpose.
  3. Customize the parts that you don't like on the template. It is super easy to use by dragging and dropping. You can change design elements like colors, background, font, icons, and more. All in Twitter post generator.
  4. Save it and use it with your new Twitter post. Don't forget to write a catchy description. The design is also usable on other social networks thanks to the auto-magical resizes feature.

Update anytime from any device with Twitter Post Generator

Don't be afraid to try what you want. Never worry about making mistakes. Experiment with design elements. If you are not happy with your design, you can undo the last process. That means you can update anytime from any device.

Time-efficient and budget-friendly

Look no further than Folip, it's the most comfortable graphic design platform. You can create Twitter posts with stunning templates to choose from the extensive library. No need to get a master's degree in design. Easily use Folip's Twitter post generator. Best of all, it is free! Use time-efficient and budget-friendly software while creating Twitter posts.

Twitter Post Size

It is hard to remember the exact dimensions of social media networks. Folip provides pre-formatted templates for any designs based on their size. Once you've chosen a layout, there is no reason to worry about image dimensions. Still want to know the Twitter post size? Ok. It is 1024x512 px.

It's that easy to create an amazing image using Folip's Twitter post generator. Stop wasting your time and start from here now.