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Want to share customizable Tweets on Fleets? Use Folip to create great Twitter Fleets for your business, any NGOs, or personal purposes.

Recently, Twitter has served a new public conversation, called Fleets! This means you can share stories instantly on Twitter. It reflects your moments for 24 hours using text, images, videos, or tweets.

With pre-tests in South Korea, India, Brazil, and Italy, Twitter concluded that people talk more while using Fleets. It is an easier way to share what's on people's mind without pressure because they disappear after one day. Twitter Story has already come into our lives. Once you've shared a Fleet, your followers will see it as a bubble at the top of their newsfeed. What is next?

Twitter Fleets will be useful also for brands to increase their communication with their audiences. As brands use Twitter for instant communication, the new update of Twitter softens this communication. Is it a significant opportunity for businesses? Don't wait to share a Fleet to see outcomes. You can catch the attention with impressive customizable fleets.

At this point, Folip can help you to create Fleets for your brand. It provides a comfortable design experience with no training. You can use all design elements with the drag and drop feature. Just follow the instructions below.

How to create Fleets

  1. First, log into Folip, or create a new account to start Fleet designs.
  2. Search for templates from our library. Then, pick one of them that suits your purpose.
  3. Customize the chosen design as much as you want. Replace icons, add new images, edit texts. It is your playground. Have fun!
  4. Once you've satisfied with your design, save it. Then, share your Twitter Fleets.

How to Twitter Fleets

  1. Start by tapping your profile image in the newsfeed.
  2. Add your image message, video, or text content. You can use keyword tabbing the screen in the section. Then, write your words and edit them. If you want, make it bold, select the highlight, change colors. Resize the text, image, or whatever use in your Fleet; use two fingers.
  3. Tab the Fleet button. Voila! You've just shared your first Fleets!

Twitter media kits

You can create not only Fleets but also other visuals for Twitter using Folip. We provide Twitter cover maker, Twitter Ads maker, and Twitter post maker for free to use. Would you like to create your Twitter media kits to boost your brand?

Everything is that much easy. What are you waiting for? Let's fleeting your thoughts with Folip. Register now and get free designs.