Twitch Overlay Maker

Get attention with a custom twitch overlay design

With the number of people gaming every day, getting attention online is much more challenging. Even though fantastic gaming skills are essential for success on Twitch, an aesthetic channel is also necessary. A Twitch overlay is a design made of various graphics that appear with your gameplay while streaming. Stream alerts, transitions, and webcam frames are some famous examples.

On Twitch, your stream overlay often stays as a frame of your screen, so your game is uninterrupted. However, a poor Twitch stream overlay design will get the wrong attention. Besides making your profile much more unique, and overlay design also makes you look professional. It could even become your personal brand that your fans can connect to.

Suppose you're excited about making a Twitch overlay but don't know how? So Folip is here to help. Pick a Twitch overlay template from our design tool and personalize it. Doing this takes a few minutes, and it's effortless to do. Without being a design wiz, you can still whip up an eye-catching design effortlessly.

How to make a Twitch overlay

  1. First, log into your free Folip account. Quickly register here if you aren't a member.
  2. Next, type "twitch overlay" in the search bar and scroll through our free samples. Whether you're looking for something goth or futuristic, there's a suitable template for you.
  3. After you've picked a stream overlay template, begin to customize it. Change colors, styles, and font types until you're satisfied with the custom design.
  4. Finally, save and download your design.

Design as much as possible

In Folip, if you don't like your first design, you can always start again. We don't mean starting from scratch (even though that is an option) but edit your previous creation. Make different designs and later pick your favorite. You can ask for your friend's opinions. Share an editable link of your Twitch overlay design in Folip and give them the chance to make their version.

Save time and money

With Folip, you don't need to spend money to make unique designs. Our design tool is free to use and very straightforward. Just use our drag and drop tool to select any graphics, icons, or text you like and add it to your overlay design. You can also use Twitch for your other social media designs like YouTube banners, Instagram stories, and Twitter posts. All of which are free of charge.

Why miss out on the chance of starting today? Head straight to Folip to begin.