Twitch Banner Maker

Twitch Banner Maker

How Twitch Banner Takes Your Channel to the Next Level?

Let's start building your gaming kingdom with an epic Twitch banner.

Live streaming is very powerful in the gaming world. It is a funny way to engage with followers and stream your channel. With a wide option of streaming platforms, Twitch is one of the most popular and rocks the gaming world!

A lot of gamer makes live streaming on Twitch. They share gaming strategies, talk about the characters, answering followers' questions, and more. So many game lovers are on Twitch to follow gaming news, updates, or just to have fun. As it is seen, gaming is a huge industry. So especially if you are a game geek who doesn't want to be part of this world?

If you also tie in gaming, you should pay attention to some tips for a great Twitch account. So, what should you do? Create jaw-dropping Twitch banners to take your channel to the next level! How? It is super easy with Folip's interface. You can have unique designs for your channel. Hey rookie! Even you can create a legendary Twitch banner. It is easy, free, and time saver. Just join Folip!

Listen to us and follow the below steps, then you will have free twitch banners. Let's try it!

How to make a Twitch banner

  1. Let's log in to your Folip account. Otherwise, you should sign up here. It is free!
  2. Choose a Twitch banner template. Folip has a lot of spellbinding Twitch banners. Pick which one is you like so much. Dig inside!
  3. If you find the most satisfying one for you, the next and the best step will be customization. Yay! Make unique, depending on your brand. Thanks to Folip's user-friendly design tools! Creating has never been easier before. Folip is suitable even for non-designers.
  4. Once you've finished, you can save and download it.

Get inspiration from Folip's huge collection

Folip has a powerful designer team that works hard for you. We know our templates will inspire you. So discover unique designs now. Then you will have many great ideas for your account or simply use one of the templates. Design your Twitch banner to have a catchy profile and grow your audience. Once you have complete your banner, you can save and update it on Folip anytime. You will love the Folip Twitch banner maker.

Create banners for any channels

Of course, you can have an account on Twitch for other reasons. Whether you will make live streams for any topic, you should have a Twitch banner to boost your channel. Just search with relevant keywords on Folip's search bar or customize your templates with suitable icons or illustrations.

Twitch banner size

The recommended size for a Twitch banner is 1920 x 480 pixels. But why be busy with these details? Focus more on your channel strategy; Folip's templates are already scaled as Twitch's banner dimensions. If you want to use your image, just make sure that it is high resolution. Otherwise, your Twitch banner will seem cheap and nasty. We bet you don't want this!