TikTok Video Ads Maker Online & Free

Create outstanding TikTok Videos Ads and go viral

Who would have thought that becoming an internet sensation would become so important? With TikTok, it is also easier. You don't need a large following to demand attention and make it big time. Why not leverage this opportunity with TikTok video ads?

People spend hours scrolling through their feeds, watching dance videos, funny cats, cute babies, make-up tutorials, and so on... Millions of people are eager to watch more and to consume more. That means they can reach your ads daily especially in TikTok. It's great news, but there's a catch. To get epic views, you need to create groundbreaking video ads. If your videos fall flat, they're get ignored, and that's damaging to your brand.

If you're not a video director or graphic artist, don't panic. Folip has thousands of free templates to help you create unique TikTok ads. Without any professional experience, you can create amazing videos in just minutes. Does that sound fantastic? We think so! Read on and follow this guide to make your first TikTok ad with Folip.

How to make TikTok Video Ads

  1. First, log into your Folip account. Ops. Don't have one yet? Sign up here first.
  2. Next, search for "TikTok Video Ads" in or template library and select the video you like most.
  3. After you've chosen a video ads template to customize, let your creativity flow. Instead, if you'd like to start from scratch, you can use diverse elements of Folip. Personalize your video by adding cool effects, a voiceover or soundtrack from our library, and text.
  4. Happy with your video? Perfect! Hit the save button and download.

More Customers with TikTok Video Ads

Forget about generic videos and create something that TikTok fans haven't seen before. With a jam-packed media library to design from, you can make great ads that will turn viewers into customers. Remember that, the more interesting videos you've published, the more people will click on your ad and buy your product.

Create Entertaining Ads

When you design with Folip's TikTok Video Ads Maker, you can have an enjoyable time designing. It's not just free but effortless to use too. In just a few clicks, your design can move from generic to entertaining. Which is the main point of TikTok, more fun!

Never design alone

There's nothing better than being alongside your dream team when doing something fun. Why not bring your friends on board too? Share an editable link to your designs and see what spin they add to your creations. You won't just be getting work done, but you'll be having a great time too. Nothing beats that. What are you waiting for? Go straight to Folip and start today.