Ticket Maker

Ticket Maker

Make tickets using Folip’s free ticket design tool

Well-designed tickets can get people extremely excited about your event. That said, why not make your own ticket design? It's straightforward, especially if you're using an excellent free online ticket maker like Folip.

Do you have an upcoming event? Let's say a yard sale, outdoor cinema, or maybe even a concert. If that's so, you definitely need tickets. Firstly, tickets will help you track how many people you need to expect. Secondly, tickets an effective way of keeping an eye on potential party crashers.

Don't think about hiring a designer when you can make your own tickets within minutes. Folip is such a great ticket maker jam-packed with free printable ticket templates. It's effortless to use and very exciting too- if we can say so ourselves. Folip’s templates for tickets are designed by professionals who've taken care of the ticket design part. What's left for you to do is customize and save your work. With Folip, making your own tickets is that easy.

How to make ticket designs with using Folip

  1. Head straight to Folip and log into your account. Ops! Not signed up yet? That's not a problem. Quickly sign up here.
  2. Hurray! You made it. Now that you're here, the next step is to pick any free ticket. Because Folip has thousands of free ticket templates, we understand if you take a few extra minutes browsing through.
  3. After you're happy with your ticket template, customize it. Don’t know what to add to personalize your event ticket more? Go through the Folip’s library and select any fun-filled high-resolution images to make exciting tickets. Edit as much- or as little- of the design as you please.
  4. Lastly, hit save on that brand new ticket design!

Create like a pro

Now that you have an incredible ticket maker forget about memorizing ticket outlines. Regardless of your design skills, you're assured to look like a pro with Folip. Folip's ticket designs created by experts and they are all the free printable templates. Just change what you don't like. Using an easy drag and drop, change font types, images, illustrations, and icons with ease. Don't like the colors on the template? Change the colors instantly. Problem solved.

Save time and money

Whenever you use Folip, you're going to have designs ready to print within minutes. Forget about the hassle of having someone else do your work as well as having to be scheduled in. Create your ticket design when and where ever you want.

With that said, don't get left behind. Sign up with Folip now.