Telegram Stickers Maker Online

Design custom Telegram stickers in minutes

Take chatting with your best pals to the next level with fun sticks in Telegram. Imagine having conversations with cool graphics, memes, and quotes. We're pretty confident that you've seen how awesome stickers look, and it's about time you got on board with them too. If creating your own Telegram stickers sounds scary, don't be alarmed. With Folip, you can create stickers with ease. That is why you don't need to think about how advanced your graphic design skills are. Even with minimum skills, you can create an impressive design with Folip.

Want to get started? Perfect. Keep reading and discover how you can wow your friends.

How to make Telegram Stickers

  1. To begin, log into your Folip account. Ops. Don't have one yet? Quickly sign up here.
  2. Once you've signed in, go to the search icon and type in Telegram stickers. Browse through and pick one that you like.
  3. Next, import your own images. Using our drag and drop feature, add your pictures to the sticker and edit it as you'd like. Don't forget to also use emojis, text, and cool icons.
  4. When you've created a flawless design, save and download your new Telegram sticker.

Uploading your stickers

1. First, type the new pack icon and press Enter.

2. Next, type in a name.

3. From here, select a file to upload to your sticker image.

4. You can then add any emoji or emojis here.

5. When you're finished, just press publish.

6. Send a short name to be used in the URL, and your work will be over.

Have fun designing

Creating has never been this quick and easy, so make the most of it. If you used Telegram Stickers Maker, then share your designs with your friends so they can join the fun on Folip too. Stress-free and cost-free. Simply head over to our website and sign up today.