SoundCloud Banner Maker

SoundCloud Banner Maker

Create a SoundCloud Banner to Be A Stunning Musician

Magnetize more listeners to your SoundCloud profile with your eye-catching header. Create your new SoundCloud banner to rock your music!

You are blasting with your mind-blowing DJ sets, but it is not enough for your brand. You should need little touches to your account. SoundCloud is one of the most popular music streaming services in the world. How can you stand out? You need to have a complete profile to grab attention as a promising musician.

Do you see so many obstacles to be a legendary musician? For sure! The path to success is not smooth. Who doesn't want small supports? To have some resource is not easy. It is reasonable. Come closer to us! So we want to simplify your effort in designing the elements you need. You can promote yourself with cool banners created on Folip.

So you should have a SoundCloud banner like a rockstar! Folip supplies you to create it with design tools that it is simple to use. The best part is coming! Simply drag and drop the elements, such as images and shapes, to create what you need.

We’re not done yet! We will show you how you can have a SoundCloud header. Come after these easy steps.

How to make a SoundCloud banner

  1. First, let's log into the Folip account. Don't you have one? Oh, dear! It is super easy to sign up.
  2. Start to search for the best SoundCloud Banner Template—our professional team designs all of them for you. You can write relevant keywords to find what suits your genre.
  3. Okay, if you found a template that you love it. Start editing it by adding a logo, photo, or some catchy icons. You can change colors, fonts, and everything, just like your style. Folip gives you many useful features to create anything that you dream of.
  4. Save, upload it and shine like a diamond in SoundCloud.

Use your logo

A SoundCloud banner is a smart way to show your logo. You can think about using your logo on your header. Oops! Don't you have a logo? Read how you can make a logo with Folip.

You can make a unique SoundCloud cover art with powerful images. But don't use a lot of pictures at the same time. Less is beautiful.

What is SoundCloud banner size?

SoundCloud suggests 2480X520 px to create a banner. However, you don't have to resize your page because our designers have made them in original sizes for you. Just select a template about your music and start making it unique.

Why should you use Folip?

- You can have banners in minutes using Folip's SoundCloud banner maker. So, it is a time saver.

- Folip has a lot of stunning SoundCloud banner templates in its library. We sure you can find the one that you love!

- You can use Folip for free.

- It is the best platform for people who has no technical design skills.

- You can customize that you don't like anything on a template.

- Folip's whole design tools are easy to use.

- You can download your design in all formats, such as PNG, JPEG.

You can create a gorgeous SoundCloud banner to take part in the stars' world on the platform.