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Make social media graphics to increase your engagement

Do you want to shine like a diamond in all social networks? Create killer social media graphics to boost your brand. Let's get started with Folip!

Nowadays, social media accounts are very necessary in our lives. It doesn't matter what purpose we use networks for, we spend most of our days on various platforms. How will brands catch the attention of audiences in social media which is so active? Your designs should make a stop-scrolling effect. You can achieve it with visual-pleasing images. We are sure your posts will get twice as much engagement. Who wants to look at boring content?

Designing images have never been easier before, thanks to digital tools. You can access thousands of social media graphics created by professionals if you join Folip. No worries! The tool is incredibly easy for everyone. You can create images for social media with no effort. Don't search for design tutorials on YouTube because Folip provides an easy to use editor section—even for non-designers. To learn how to make graphics, follow the instructions step by step below.

How to create social media graphics

  1. Log into your Folip account, or create a new one for free, which takes only seconds.
  2. Search for templates such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and more. Select one that suits your purpose.
  3. Customize the social media graphic you picked. Change colors depending on your theme. Edit texts, remove elements. You can redesign however you want.
  4. Save it, and share where you need it. You can update your design anytime from any device.

Choose from the social media graphics templates

We offer dozens of templates to choose from in our stunning library. What kind of social media graphic design do you need? Just type what you need on the search bar, then pick the one you loved the most. If you want to create cool graphics for any social network, processes are the same.

The best tool for free

Want a budget-friendly tool that has an impressive template collection? Folip is powerful enough to solve all your designing needs. You can design your social graphic templates with only four steps. It is a time saver and, best of all, is free to use!

Before it is too late, build your power in your business by creating social media graphics. Join today!