Slideshow Maker

Create fun slideshows online with using Folip

Do you want to make an impressive portfolio? Or do you want to create a document from your best memories to have a look at later? If your answer is yes, creating a slideshow is the best way to do this! If you said no, you can still use slideshows to create outstanding presentations. Whether they're for personal or private use, the only thing you'll need is a few minutes and an account with the best free slideshow maker- Folip.

A presentation for work can be more captivating when it has a couple of slideshows. It's also straightforward to do because you only need one tool; a slideshow maker.

Not to mention, rehearsal slideshows, wedding slideshows, and graduation slideshows will have you smiling for years. Memorial slideshows, too, can bring a family together and keep one's memory alive. Whatever the occasion, a picture slideshow can liven any presentation.

How to create a slideshow using Folip's slideshow maker

  1. First, log into your Folip account to create a slideshow. Don't have an account with Folip? Sign up here to get started.
  2. You made it! Welcome to your Folip account. Browse through Folip's extensive slideshow templates. See a free slideshow template that you like? Great! Select it and get on to the next step.
  3. Once you've chosen a slideshow perfect for the occasion, customize it, and make it your own. Using Folip's online slideshow maker, you can add images, gifs, illustrations, and soundtracks to your design. Don't have your own? We've got you covered. Go through Folip's slideshow creator library and pick from high-quality images, soundtracks, and icons.
  4. Lastly, see a preview of your cool slideshow and if you're happy, save and download.

Create easy slideshows in minutes

Because Folip's slideshow maker is so simple to use, you can make easy slideshows in no time. Using a drag and drop tool, you'll feel like a professional when designing with Folip. All the templates were created by designers that want to make your design process more straightforward- and faster. Simply change a few things and call it your own.

Look like a pro with Folip's slideshow maker

Despite being so easy to use, Folips free slideshow maker helps you create unique designs. With plenty of high-quality images to choose from, you'll surely find one perfect for the occasion. Create a slideshow with music by browsing through the media library and pick the right track. Don't just stop there. Add gifs, illustrations, and icons to make your design more exceptional.

Sound great? Awesome. Sign up with Folip and get started.