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Get your dream job with the free resume builder

Making a resume seems like an easy job, but if you want to grab hiring managers' attention, you should go beyond adding skills and experience. Create your CV in an inspired way with Folip's free resume builder, then get your dream job!

Unfortunately, finding a job today is a hard level. Competition is too high among young people. You must stand out from other candidates to get the job you always wanted. A creative resume is the first step to show your potential. You should create a resume highlighting your essential skills and experience. Create your resume in an unboring way and make a strong impression with your resume design on managers.

How? Let us tell you how you can. Folip provides easy to use designing elements to create professional-looking resumes. What is the best part of Folip? Everyone can create stunning resumes with no design skills needed. It's easy and free!

Follow these steps to create with free resume builder.

How to make a resume with Folip

  1. Log into Folip or create a free account if you don't have one.
  2. Pick a resume template that fits the job & company you want to apply for. Folip has lots of templates for every kind of job applications. So that means you can create different resumes for each position.
  3. Once you've found one, click and edit the texts in minutes. Add your personal information, skills, experiences, and more about you. Drag and drop icons; place them carefully. Change frame, colors, shapes, or columns according to your personal background.
  4. Save it to send after via email. You can also have a printable version of it.

Tips on creating a professional CV

We want to give some tips on creating professional resumes. You can consider these tips, before starting your design on resume builder.

- As a fact, hiring managers view each resume approx. 7 seconds. This means you'll have a max of 7 seconds to make your first impression powerful.

- Hiring managers don't want to read inapplicable pages. Depending on your application, add the most relevant job experience of you.

- Fonts are the most critical part of resume designs. So don't use many different font styles to create a complex and unprofessional CV. Also, make sure the font size is legible on the resume builder.

- Keep your cover letter short in an effective way. Then, attach your resume created by Folip.

- Infographics are a smart way to represent your experience visually. It helps employers to see your strengths easily. Why don't you create an infographic as a resume? Try Folip's infographic generator.

Update your resume

Once you've got an account on Folip, you can find your designs on your profile to edit anytime. So, regularly update your resume on Folip. Always give your fresh resume to employers that want to learn more about you.

Match your CV to your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is a professional and effective platform to build a business network. Create your LinkedIn profile to be matched with your resume, and always keep it up-to-date. You can expand your network by following pioneers in your industry. When applying for new job applications, do not forget to attach your CV and cover letter to the application.

Today, amp up your personal introduction in a unique way with Folip's resume maker and never miss your dream job. Good luck with finding the best one!