Report Design Maker

Create A Professional Report Design

Create a report for any occasion, such as an annual or a social media analytics report. We know reports are already challenging, so no need to mention report design. That is why we want to make designing simple for you with four steps.

Reports help the managers to be informed of the business growth or situation. These analyses are vital information in making a decision based on consumer habits, monthly or annual budgets, etc. Reports are the best way to see how the company is currently operating. They also help to generate better ideas and solutions to achieve your greatest goals.

If you are waited for presenting a report to your manager and don't know what to do, then you're in the right place! Look no further than Folip's report maker to build reports quickly and easily. It is the best online tool, and let us explain how can you use it with no technical skills needed.

Make your report design with no effort

  1. Log into Folip, or create a new account from here to start your project.
  2. Dig inside the library to find suitable report templates. Search for relevant keywords such as monthly company reports, budget reports.
  3. Customize the fonts and edit the texts. Then match the colors with your brand. Also, drag and drop the icons that you want to change.
  4. Once you've finished, save your report design and send it to colleagues via email.

Hacks for a beautiful report design

- Nobody wants to read or listen to a dull report. So you can make the complex data attractive by visualizing it in the reports. Also, it helps the audience to understand better. We bet your next report will make an impression on your team.

- If you want to create a professional report, you should consider not making any unprofessional mistakes, like typos. Because you should always proofread your texts before sending your report to your boss.

- You can easily create on the eye reports by using charts, icons, and readable fonts.

Reorganize the pages

You can create multi-page reports using Folip for any need and any business. Besides easy-to-use layouts, Folip provides free design elements to build a report. And there are many charts, maps, and icons in Folip's library. So, remove or reorganize the pages you don't like. The best part is that you can create any report with no design skills. Additionally, you can also start designing from scratch.

Share it online or print it

Once you've built your report, you have many options on Folip. First, save your report design to update anytime. Then, download it as a PDF format to share via email with your team. If you also need a hardcopy of your report, print it.

Folip is a smart way to build clear and beautiful reports. Get your free report design in minutes, and then impress your boss with stunning reports.

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