Recipe Card Maker

Create a recipe card in Folip for delicious meals

Nothing brings people together like an intimate dinner does. Recipes are in family lines for years and a part of great family traditions. Why wait for Christmas or Thanksgiving to come around until your family gets another taste of your excellent cooking? Make a recipe card that each family member can take home with them.

Making your own printable recipe cards may sound complicated, but it's not. If you can make such a scrumptious meal, you can create a design with Folip's recipe card maker. You won't even have to do it from scratch! Simply look through our free recipe card templates and edit one that you like.

Make delightful recipe cards with Folip in four steps

  1. First, log into your Folip account. If you haven't signed up with Folip yet, sign up here.
  2. Now that you've gotten into your account have a look at our recipe card templates. Whether you're going for something vintage or modern, there's a perfect template waiting for you.
  3. If you decide on a recipe template to use, let's customize it. Add some of your pictures and pick from thousands of fonts to finally write down your unique recipe.
  4. When your template design is as delicious as your recipe, save your template and get ready to share it!

Make an editable recipe card

There's no harm in switching up a recipe now and then. Sometimes switching up an ingredient can shake up a recipe, but that doesn't mean you have to design from scratch. Simply go back to your editable recipe card and update your template.

Design as much as you can

You can make a card for every secret recipe you have stashed in your cookbook. Make a thousand cards if you like for no extra costs. Now everybody can have a bit of your tasteful food wherever they are.

Visualize your delicious recipes into cards

Nothing makes you more hungry than a beautiful picture of your favorite food. Select any high-resolution images from our media library to match your delicious recipe. Or simply take a picture of your meal after you've cooked it. Be sure that you captured an image from the right angles. Time to share your recipe with your loved ones and make them enjoy the taste!