Create Printable Real Estate Flyers

Make free real estate flyers with Folip

Whether you're trying to market a new listing or advertising an older one, handing out real estate flyers is a brilliant way to do so. Unlike billboards, flyers aren't just stuck to one place. People can pass along flyers, and this broadens the number of potential clients.

However, not every flyer gets the right amount of attention it could possibly get. And the determining factor to this is the design of the real estate flyer. An excellent house flyer may sound difficult to make, but it's not as tough as selling real estate. With Folip's free real estate flyer templates, you create flyers that don't just get attention, but also the action.

You can make a flyer using Folip's property flyer maker in not more than four steps. Tweak the flyer to suit your property using tools and print out thousands of house flyers for free.

Create real estate flyers with Folip in four steps

  1. For starters, log into your Folip account. Ops. Haven't signed up with Folip yet? Sign up here quickly.
  2. Next, scroll through our media library's open house flyer templates. Folip has so many different real estate flyer themes, and the options are plentiful.
  3. Once you've settled on a house for rent flyer, begin to customize it as you like. Import images of the property and use them every single time you design in Folip. Switch up the fonts and colors to suit your property better and create perfect real estate flyers. Our media library has hundreds of sleek font types and a large color wheel to choose from.
  4. All done? Congratulations. Save your real estate flyer template and send it straight to the printer.

Sleek designs guaranteed

With Folip, you can design professional-looking real estate flyers without having to be a professional. How? By picking out high-resolution images, stylish font types, and graphics with Folip. Open house flyers are incomplete without a striking heading, great photos, and accurate details. That's why Folip has got you covered.

Find the perfect theme

Let your clients instantly get the memo in from your real estate flyers. Are you selling a house in sunny side California or maybe one in wonderland Switzerland? Regardless of the location, there's a perfect open house template theme to match your needs.

Save money and time

The life of a realtor is busy, and every minute matters. With that in mind, Folip created an app that makes marketing property a breeze. Turn your free real estate flyer into a thousand open house flyers within one click. Hold on; it gets better. Not only will you save money, but you'll design for no cost at all. How's that for a great marketing strategy?

Do you work with a team? Share Folip with them as well and work on your real estate flyers design together without having to leave the house.