Raffle Tickets Maker

Make free printable raffle tickets with Folip

Organizing raffles is an excellent way to fundraise because they're a win for everyone. You get to raise the money for your cause, and your participants get to win something. That's incredible, but then, fundraising isn't the easiest to do. Even so, you can make it easier with DIY printable raffle tickets.

Raffle tickets are so easy to make with Folip's raffle ticket creator. With so many free raffle ticket templates available, you can have printable raffle tickets in just minutes. All our templates were made by professional designers who want to make your tasks more manageable. It only takes a few minutes and swift clicks before you have thousands of draw tickets.

Create raffle tickets with Folip's raffle ticket maker

  1. Firstly, log into your Folip account. If you don't have a Folip account, create one here quickly.
  2. Once you're signed in, explore our extensive library of free printable raffle tickets. Folip has a template design for any fundraiser you may be hosting, so the only thing to do is pick the one you like most.
  3. Now that you've selected your golden raffle tickets template, let the fun begin by customizing it. Make your raffle ticket template unique with stunning images, bold text, and cool illustrations and icons. Don't know where to find all that? It's right in our media library, which you can operate with an easy drag and drop tool.
  4. Voila! That was easy. Save your fully designed printable raffle tickets.

Go above and beyond with Folip

Let your participants know how committed you are by making a professional raffle ticket design. Choose from plenty of high-quality images and font types that make a statement.

Save your money

You can create as many printable raffle tickets as you like in Folip. That probably sounds like a lot of money out of your pocket, but it's the contrary. Save every penny with Folip and make your own raffle tickets with peace of mind.

Design one more thing everytime

Folip is excellent for making digital raffle tickets, and much more. Not only you can find raffle ticket templates on Folip but for many others too. Also, you can design flyers, posters, social media posts, and business cards from Folip.

All it takes is a few steps, so why not start today!