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Quote Maker

Create quote pictures with Folip's Quote Maker

Everybody needs positive and uplifting quotes now and then. You do, we do, and so does everybody else on this planet. With so much negativity going on everywhere on the earth, it's easy to fall into this bottomless pit of sadness. At Folip, we believe that not all heroes wear caps and that angels do exist on earth. The fantastic thing is you're one of them, and there's something you can do. You can't end world hunger or stop the ozone layer from melting, but one thing you can do is put a smile on someone's face. Encourage them on and give them faith. Simply through a quote picture.

Quotes can range from motivational to sassy and everything in between, but one thing they all have in common is being inspirational. Quotes can arouse a particular emotion and leave people with an afterthought. The great thing is you have the power to do this, so why not share a positive message?

An excellent quote of encouragement can make someone's day as they scroll down their feed. But there are just so many things to see on social media that your motivational quote can drown and go unseen. One way to avoid this is by designing an engaging motivational quote. One that people won't help but look at. How can you do this? With Folip, of course! Folip comes with quotes templates that can help create a quote picture instantly. With so many unique features, you can create a beautiful quote with a powerful message in minutes.

Here's how to create inspiring Quotes

  1. Log into your Folip account from any device. Yes! Folip doesn't just work on your desktop, but it's also compatible with laptops, tablets, and phones. If you don't have a running Folip account, create one in a few seconds here.
  2. Choose the quotes templates. One thing you'll notice is that Folip has so many templates like Flyers, posters, logos, Instagram stories and posts, and Facebook too- and there many more templates also. You're free to look around, but you're going to share some positivity on your feed today, so choose the quotes template.
  3. Customize. The fun part. With a blank canvas, you can let all your creative juices flow and create to your heart's content. With loads of cool features, the possibilities are just so many. If you decide to use one of the readymade quotes templates, you can still enjoy the plenty of features on Folip. Make the quote picture your own, change the fonts, colors, and even the template layout.
  4. Once you're done and happy, save your quote picture in an instant!

Create with ease

Many things are tricky, but creating a quote picture and spreading positivity doesn't have to be. With Folip, designing anything is easy. The features were designed for anyone and so your design process is guaranteed to be quick and fun.

Browse through many features

Not only creating with Folip is easy, but it's also fun. This is because of its extensive collection of excellent features, from lots of free images (suitable for every occasion) to trendy icons and illustrations waiting to be used by you. Yes, you. The outstanding features don't just end here. The font collection of Folip is one you can browse through and lose track of time. The backgrounds for all your desired creations are top-notch.

Design anytime, anywhere with Quote Maker

Suppose you are still questioning how, but with Folip, designing what you need is possible whenever you need it. You don't have to rush back home to continue with a design you started because you can do so on your phone. Just save your work and pick up where you started. Anytime and anywhere. It's that simple and convenient.