Presentation Maker

Create show-stopping presentations with Folip's online presentation maker

Online presentations are popular today more than ever before. The idea of whipping up something and making a presentation to others seems daunting. Even though it's only an online presentation. A killer presentation is a significant confidence boost. Most importantly, it increases your chances of having a successful presentation. This is more than easier now with Folip's presentation maker.

Are you confident about your idea but not so much about your design skills? Firstly, don't panic. Secondly, relax because Folip is there to take the pressure off you. Don't understand how? Folip is a free online presentation maker with all the tools you need during your presentation design process. Furthermore, Folip’s free presentation software is easy to use and perfect for newbies and professionals alike. Sounds great? Perfect!

So how to make a presentation with Folip

  1. Firstly, log into your Folip account. What was that? Haven't you signed up with Folip yet? Oh, no. Don't worry. Sign up here to start.
  2. Welcome to your Folip account! Now that you've signed in, have a look at Folip's enormous library of presentation slides. Next, select a free template that catches your eye.
  3. Start making magic happen by personalizing your selected slides. Use different font types, backgrounds, colors, animations, and themes to outline your brilliant idea. Import personal images or pick any high-resolution images from Folip’s library to make cool presentations.
  4. Are you all done? Perfect! Save your presentation now and download it straight to your gadget.

Become your own presentations designer

Since Folip does most of the work, making a slideshow presentation is very easy. Have a complete video presentation by using an easy drag and drop tool. Create text by using unique fonts and add cool pictures for an inspiring presentation. With a free presentation maker like Folip, you won't have to worry about hiring a designer.

Design at your own pace

Design after a day at work or before a busy day. You can stop and start designing again at any time. Unlike working with a designer, you won't have to worry about scheduling. In other words, design whenever you please. That said, you won't want to stop designing with Folip.

So sign up with Folip today and be your own boss.