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Tips to create a killer PowerPoint presentation

Building strategies are hard but presenting is always harder. Whatever your idea or product you launch, it still needed to be presented very attractively so people can draw attention and understand every detail of it. Remember that your thoughts are only for yourself if you cannot manage to express them in the right way. So, you can use some tips to create a killer PowerPoint presentation, just like your ideas. No worries, we'll share our secrets with you.

Let's start with the main tip that will make your presentation rock: Catchy slides!

To create well-designed PowerPoint slides, you don't need to hire a graphic designer or to be one. You can simply use one of Folip's free PowerPoint templates and start creating according to your subject.

How to make a PowerPoint presentation with Folip

  1. Log in or sign up on Folip within seconds.
  2. Choose the presentation templates category and search your style in many templates created by a professional designers team with the latest graphic design trends.
  3. Start customizing fonts, colors, background, and add elements according to your content. Time to be creative! Drag & drop items and place them how you want it.
  4. Save your design and download it in your preferred format. It might be as png, pdf, or jpeg, so you can easily place them into a presentation tool.

Be Minimal, but Always

When designing a PowerPoint presentation, the common mistake made is adding too complex items into one slide. Text, images, icons, arrows should be in one presentation slide. Too many elements cannot catch the harmony together. Try to be minimal instead of using so many items. If you want to use a photo as a background, you can try making it blurred, editing the photo effect with high contrast, or simply add a layer with transparency of 50-70%. So your text will be highlighted and seem clear on your background photo. If you want to be inspired, check out Folip's online presentation templates.

Presentation is not a book

Well.. You cannot add every word you're willing to say to the presentation of yours. Because your audience will be there to listen to you, not to read every sentence of your presentation. So, try not to add too many texts, longs paragraphs into a slide. Summarize what you want to tell people. You can do that if you already know the drill. Do you not? Just write your notes into small cards, and take a glance if you forget what to tell during presenting.

Right photos, right messages

Sometimes we use photos to say something. Search for the right pictures for your presentation. Do you launch a product? Use well-taken images with different angles of your product. Are you pitching a startup idea? You can even draw your Minimum Viable Product into a blank paper, take a photo of it and add it to your pitching deck to preview your startup.

Numbers mean something

People trust in numbers. They believe in statistical facts. Talking about facts can make your presentation stronger, catch people's attention, and so they start wondering what is next on those slides. Whether you present in your school project, to a startup accelerator, or in front of your coworkers, numbers are always vital elements that support you. Do your research very well, and add some crazy facts before you pitch your main subject. You'll see the difference you make.

So here are some tips for you to create the killer presentation. Let your confidence boosted by it! You'll be admired by everyone in the room with Folip's free presentation templates. Hurry up, don't miss being the presentation master.