Poster Maker

Poster Maker

Folip's Poster Maker helps you to create posters so easily

Posters are a great marketing strategy perfect for every brand- large or small. There's nothing easier than designing a striking poster with Folip. Don't let the words design and striking scare you. Folip has got you under its wing of unique poster templates.

Since posters are large (or small) printouts meant to be seen, they have to be striking enough to be memorable. With skyscrapers, unique murals, and cute babies to look at on the street, it's easy for your poster to drown and go unnoticed. However, with an excellent poster design, you'll be sure to have the masses looking at your poster and even taking up the call to action. That's exactly where Folip comes in- to save you from the hustle of lengthy design courses and costly graphic designers.

With a vast selection of poster templates, making a fantastic poster is super easy with Folip. Within minutes, you'll have a wonderful poster ready to print out and share with the world. Let's get started, shall we?

How to create posters with Folip

  1. To begin, you're going to log into Folip. Ops. Don't have an account yet? Shh. We won't tell anyone. Create an account instantly here.
  2. You made it. Welcome to Folip! Next, you have to select the Poster template. Don't worry about poster dimensions because Folip has preset poster dimensions that make your design process much more manageable. How cool is that? Would you rather a poster in a different size instead? No problemo, mi amigo. You can easily input your own poster dimensions.
  3. In this step, you can choose to use a blank template and create away, or you can choose anyone (or more) of the readymade Folip poster templates.
  4. Create. If you decide to use a blank template, let your creative juices run wild. You can insert shapes, illustrations, images, and text into your poster. All you have to do is create the poster you'd want your audience to see and engage with. When you finally settle on a poster template to use (they're all so amazing, so we won't judge you if you can't decide), get into customizing it. Switch up the text fonts and images however way you like. Have fun with it.
  5. Save. Hurray! You did it, and yes, it was that simple.

Command attention

Getting people's attention has become one of the hardest things to do in this day and age. With constant newsfeeds to look at on our cell phones, an eye-catchy publication is what you need if you want to be seen. You can do this with so much ease by using Folips poster templates. The Folip poster template library has an extensive collection of fonts, colors, icons, shapes, and illustrations. When used to their potential, all of which are the only tools you need to create a unique poster.

Make art with ease

Great design begins and ends with Folip. Planning an event or trying to create brand awareness is already hard enough, so why struggle with creating posters too? With Folip, you can effortlessly create designs that stand out. All the Folip features are easy to access and use. Even for the first time! No extra lessons or graphic design skills are needed. A Folip account is all you need.

Create poster designs instantly

With Folip, you're not going to be limited to a desktop or a computer. You can create designs on your phone too! Imagine just taking out your phone during a short coffee break and creating a brilliant poster with minutes. How cool is that? The compatibility of Folip on so many devices makes your job that much easier. You can create a design anytime, anywhere.

Conveniently save your work

Saving all your designs is so easy with Folip. Folip can store all your created designs, which you can access easily on any other device. All you'll have to do is log into your Folip account.

Having documentation of all your creations is vital because you can conveniently stick to a theme this way. Having a theme improves your brand identity, which is essential for your audience to keep up with you. Saving your creations also makes it easier for you to see which styles you've used in the past when you want to try new trends.

Folip is like a great friend in life- ready to help you and always by your side through every step. You don't have to be a design genius to create great posters. Just trust Folip and make your poster now!