Postcard Maker

Use Folip's postcard maker for stunning postcard designs

Communicating with the people we care about, both distant and close, has never been easier than it is now. We can also capture treasurable moments with a single click and share these moments with the world by hitting 'post photo.' While all that's great, it's not very significant everyone's doing it. If you want to reach out to a loved one in an extraordinary way, send a postcard!

Seriously. Even though postcards aren't often used today, they're sweet sentiments because they're personal. Way more intimate than those generic forwarded messages that people don't even take the time to read. If you genuinely want to stand out, create a postcard. More importantly, you can use postcards to promote an event, product, or service too. Postcards are great for businesses as well because it strengthens the relations with the professional network.

Making your own postcard is much easier than you think. Especially with the assistance of a free postcard maker. Folip's postcard creator has loads of postcard design templates that you could personalize and make your own. You can design your own postcard online and have it ready to send in just a few minutes!

Here's how to make free printable postcards with Folip

  1. Log into your Folip account. You can sign in to your Folip account from your desktop or cellphone. Not signed up yet? Sign up here.
  2. Once you're all signed into your Folip account, choose a postcard template. Folip has readymade postcards designed by professions, and you'll be sure to find one perfect for you. If you want to put your design skills into full use, choose a blank template instead.
  3. Customize your template. Depending on which postcard template you choose, you can personalize it as much or less. Play around with different fonts, icons, and illustrations until you're happy with your postcard design.
  4. Save your design! Yes. It's that quick and that easy, and you share your design instantly.

Make high-quality designs

Images are essential for any postcard. Even with an event postcard. Because pictures are fundamental elements of your postcard, you need to use high-quality images. Folip has an extensive library of high-quality images that would be perfect for any of your designs. Just browse through and pick an image perfect for your postcard.

Save money and time with Folip's postcard maker

Designing with Folip and free! You can create endlessly for free and be done within minutes with fantastic templates. Forget about hiring a graphic designer or taking long design courses and create with Folip. You can design with Folip at any of your choice and any place. Just sign up to get started!