Place Card Maker

Create custom place cards online

Why not make your invited ones feel special by making place cards for an upcoming event. It is a sentimental touch, and it also keeps your event organized. If you're afraid of not being to get a designer, look no further. Folip has the perfect place card templates waiting for you.

By using any of our free printable place cards, you can make heartfelt printable place cards. Use colors and fonts that match your event's theme and give your guests more than memories to take home.

Additionally, Folip is extremely easy to use. Browse through our extensive media library for decorative details and use as many as you like. Simply select what you want, drag, and drop it onto your design. Also, create a custom place card design once, copy the page and simply change the names.

How to make place cards using Folip's place card maker

  1. Log into your Folip account as a start. Don't worry if you don't have a Folip account yet. Sign up here in these easy steps.
  2. Now that you've signed in to your account, have a look at Folip's place cards library. From fully-designed templates to blank ones, choose a place card design that you think will be perfect.
  3. Once you have the place cards template of your choice, make it unique by personalizing it. Write your guests' names in stylish font types and blend in your event's theme with your color choice.
  4. Happy with the result? Perfect! Save and download your design.

Create a unique design with the place card maker

Are you looking for wedding place card templates? Or maybe organizing a special gala? Folip has just the right templates. Professionals made all the templates, so there's undoubtedly a design layout right for you. Also, you can customize your designs with thousands of images, fonts, and illustrations too.

Design with no budget

Events cost money, and we don't want you to spend any more of it. That's why Folip lets you personalize any free place card template at any time. Simply pick a printable place cards template you like and make it your own.

Come back to your design whenever you want

If you can't complete your design all at once, there's nothing to worry about. You can return to editing your free place card template at any point you like and continue designing. Sounds great? That's awesome. Why don't you head over to Folip and start today?