Photo Book Maker

Make Your Memories Unforgettable with Folip’s Photo Book Maker

Photo books are one of the most meaningful ways to keep your memories. Let's create a custom album with your favorite photos by using Folip.

Remember your childhood, graduation party, wedding ceremony, or your most enjoyable travel to Europe! And, if we assume that you've already captured the best moments, time to turn your amazing days into a timeless and priceless gift as a photo book. We bet your family and friend will love it. Maybe you want to keep this lovely album for yourself. Why not?

Traditional photo albums preserve precious photos from our most important days. Today, photo books are still alive, although social media is a big part of our lives. Still, many people create stunning photo books. If you also yearn for retro touches in your life, you can use digital tools to create photo books. Now, it is convenient and effortless with Folip.

How to make a photo book in 4 steps

  1. First, log into your Folip account. Don't have one? No worries. Sign up from here.
  2. Welcome to Folip's wonderland! After your login to the interface, search with relevant keywords on the search bar, such as travel photo book, wedding photo book, etc. There are lots of creative templates you'll love to use.
  3. We've come to the best part; time to start turning your memories into meaningful and printable materials. Upload the most precious photos from your desktop, place them to the chosen template with the drag & drop feature. Customize colors, texts, frames, fonts as much as you want.
  4. Once you've finished your design, save it. Ta-ta-da! After you save your design, edit it whenever you want. Let's download it to share it with your friends via email. You can also have a printable version of your photo book to keep yourself or give it as a gift.

No need for any designers

You can unleash your creativity and improve your designing skills by using Folip. Whether start from scratch or pick a customizable template, you can design anything without needing any graphic designer. You can do that all alone. Just sign up here, and create your design by following our steps.

Tips to create amazing designs

- A photo book should tell the story of your most valuable days. You can chronologically arrange your photos in your album. For example, you can add your baby's birthdays year by year, or tag the dates of travels by weeks, months, years.

- Every beautiful memory has a beginning and an ending story. Before you start creating a photo album, pick your opening and closing photos.

- You can decorate your photo book with bold texts. Use your creativity to make it personalized. There are no strict rules that a photo book should contain only photos.

You can create your photo books due to Folip's easy and free to use the design tool. Don't wait to have your photo albums. Right now, start creating!