Free Party Flyer Maker Online

Invite your friends to your cool party with a custom party flyer

Keep the party crashers out and make your party only accessible with a unique party flyer. Party flyers are a great way to get people excited about your event and make a good souvenir.

If you're throwing a themed party, handing out party fliers is a great way to get everyone on board. Is your theme all white or from the '80s? Maybe it's an ancient Greek party, and you want everyone to dress that way. Your party flyer design can help people remember the important details.

While party planning may be a skill of yours, designing flyers may not be in your skillset. Don't panic. With Folip's party flyer maker, you can create designs easily. Simply pick a template of your choice, change the colors, text, and download when you're ready. With Folip's easy to use drag and drop tool, designing is easy. The jam-packed media library of graphics and cool icons will make your party flyer design as awesome as your party.

How to make a party flyer

  1. To start, log into your account. Don't have a Folip account yet, quickly sign up here.
  2. After you've logged in, scroll through our free templates and select a party flyer template of your choice.
  3. Next, customize your design as you please. Import your images, add text with any of our font types, and change the colors too.
  4. Congratulations! You just created a brand new part flyer with Folip. Save your design and download as many as you like.

Free party flyer maker

With Folip, you don't have to worry about spending outside your budget. Our design tool is free to use, and you can make as many flyers for parties as you like. Uniquely designed templates will make you prepare the best flyers for your party.

Easy tool

Folip's design tool is straightforward because of our drag and drop tool. You can easily resize and change icons as you like. With its simple user interface, you can design all your needs like how you got used to before. No design skills or even tutorials needed.

Do it with your friends

Designing party flyers is more fun by doing it with your friends. Share Folip with them and create together. By sending an editable link, your friends can design too. If you can't choose one design, use all of them. Your flyers will have more variety, and that will get more people excited about the party. Why not make the most of this? Head over to Folip now and start designing.