Pamphlet Maker

Make striking pamphlets with Folip's free pamphlet maker

Are you organizing an event, promoting a product, have something to say about what's going on in your community? What’s better than to get your voice heard through a pamphlet maker?

Pamphlets are a great way to give your two cents on anything because they are basic and practical. A well-designed postcard is clear to anyone looking at it even before they begin reading. If you want to make a pamphlet that gets picked up and not thrown in the bin, you need a great online pamphlet maker.

Folip has an incredible pamphlet creator tool jam-packed with trendy pamphlet templates, all of which are free! Forget about expensive designers or lengthy uninteresting courses and easily design pamphlets that command attention.

How to maker a pamphlet online with Folip

  1. Log into your Folip to begin. Oops. Haven't signed up with Folip yet? Create an account in seconds here.
  2. Welcome to your Folip account! To begin, choose any pamphlet template that you prefer. Folip has over a hundred pamphlet design templates that are all suitable for any purpose. Choose any one of the preset pamphlets for a quick design or show your design genius with a blank pamphlet.
  3. Personalize your pamphlet template. Using any of the fantastic font types, write your own message, and include some personal pictures. Feel free to use any of Folips library pictures if you don't want to use your own. Edit your template as much as you would like by trying color variations from the color wheel to suit your pamphlet's aim.
  4. Save your pamphlet design. Congratulations! You designed an excellent pamphlet that's ready to print.

Design how you want

Freedom is terrific, but the freedom to design how you want is even better. With Folip, you don't have to worry about creating any cliche designs because all the templates are updated with the latest graphic design trends. All the high-quality images, stunning font types, and cool illustrations are perfect for any pamphlet design. The brilliant part is that you get to choose which ones you use.

Create stunning designs with pamphlet maker and get noticed

Folip's pamphlet templates were all designed by skilled professionals who understand how competitive it is out there. The various graphic design styles in the template library provide you with more options, and you pick any one or more designs that you think will be great for you without any extra costs. Pick which template you like, make it personal, and you'll have an incredible design that's ready to print without any hassle.

Don't let your competition get far ahead of you. Stay engaged with your community through pamphlets that they'll want to keep or, better still, share. It all starts with an online pamphlet design using Folip.