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Would you like to create an award-winning movie poster for your next film? Let's use Folip's free movie poster maker to stand out.

The cinema industry is a huge market. Thousands of new movies have been producing every year and it is getting hard day by day to be a part of the movie sector. Another market that is almost bigger than the cinema industry is movie marketing. It has many ways to promote and create amazing marketing campaigns. Trailers, billboards, social media ads, posters... There are so many things to work on. And one of them is needed to focus well on the design; posters.

Posters are important marketing elements for movies. An iconic movie poster is both a way of outbound sales and is also now specialty goods for collectors. Always remember that while you are creating a movie poster you are also making art. A movie poster should inform the potential audience what your film is about and an ordinary one is not enough to increase your sales. Besides, a tedious poster can't catch your audience's interest and give the right clues about your movie. Do you know that people show their interest in the movies just by their iconic poster designs? That means a perfect movie poster evokes people to buy that cinema ticket and watch that movie. And creating one is not really hard with the movie poster maker.

Folip's free movie poster maker provides a complete designing experience and templates created by a professional team. Do you need the inspiration to start from scratch? You can start your design with a blank page or get help from the free templates and customize as how you want. Design what you need.

Let's learn step by step how you can customize a template using Folip's movie poster maker.

How to make a movie poster

  1. Log into your Folip account, or simply create a new one to start your movie poster project.
  2. Choose a template that suits your theme. Dig inside until you find a proper template, or start with a blank page to create from scratch.
  3. Customize the chosen template depending on your desire. Change images with relevant ones on the . Edit text, pick your colors. Arrange the elements suitably, which takes under minutes with the movie poster maker's drag and drop feature.
  4. Once you've been happy with your poster, save and use it where ever you need.

Make it iconic

Every element of the poster design should be eye-catching or iconic as a whole. When you think about your favorite movie, how do you remember it? With a scene? A quote? Or maybe a place. So this is the thing about movie posters. Apart from its fancy design, you should include the catchy elements of your movie. So anyone can get attracted or remember the poster itself after watching that movie. You can bring them all together with a movie poster maker.

At the same time, you should also arrange in balanced the graphics, colors, or title. Don't use many different colors. Later, upload to use relevant images, illustrations, or photos on your movie poster. What is more? The title is a vital part of poster designs to catch attention. Use a big, bold, and catchy font. You will have everything you need in designing if you use Folip's movie poster maker.

Print and share your movie poster

As you can have a printable version of your poster, you can also share it on the movie's social media accounts. Perfect designed movie posters evoke followers to reshare them on their accounts. Want one more great idea? Let's create a Facebook cover or an Instagram post to announce your movie. You can design anything you need for free.

Create a legendary movie poster just in minutes using Folip's movie poster maker. Start here by signing up.