Motivational Poster Maker for Free

Use Folip's motivational poster maker to inspire people with powerful messages

Would you like to create a poster with zero cost to inspire your friends and followers? Let's use Folip's handy motivational poster maker.

How do you feel when you see a poster with powerful words and impressive images? More self-confident? More faithful? We don't know your feelings, but we're sure they influence people's productivity very well. Workplaces, schools, or gyms managers put inspirational posters on the walls to affect people positively. Have you noticed that why motivational posters are so popular on Instagram? People want to read inspirational texts, want to see impressive images. As all of us need motivation in this world.

Put your message and show your wisdom. If you think the design part is challenging for you, we have great news! You can create marvelous designs effortlessly with Folip's motivational poster maker.

Let's dive into the instructions below to make your own posters.

How to make a motivational poster

  1. Log into your account, or create a new profile in seconds to start your project. As an alternative way, sign up for Folip with Facebook or Google.
  2. Search for templates with relevant keywords. We have hundreds of powerful templates in our motivational poster maker library. Pick one that suits your vision.
  3. Customize your chosen template, depending on your design taste. Add your text, different icons and colors from the wide range of items library.
  4. After you've finished your work, save and download it. You're ready to share your motivator poster on social media.

Create with zero design skills needed

No matter which design skill level you have, you can create stunning posters with our motivational poster maker. You can customize our templates with zero effort because of the dragging and dropping feature. After a few trying, you will be a master of essential design experience.

Use persuasive fonts

You can upload your fonts or pick one from our collection on the motivational poster maker. Choosing the right font is vital for poster designs because you can be more persuasive with appropriate fonts. Try different styles to decide which one is the best for your poster. If you can't choose, you can get help from our article about defining the right fonts.

Print your poster

Motivational posters are perfect for the schools, gyms, offices to encourage people. Why don't you also have a print-friendly version of your poster? You can hang it on a wall. Make sure your poster has a high-resolution when you download it.

You can influence many people with your impressive design. Use motivational poster maker to spread your power with your friends and followers.

Try our design tool today.