Moodboard Maker

Set the Mood with Folip's Online Moodboard Maker Now

Do you have an idea that you want to share with your colleagues or clients, but you're still in the creative process? Design a mood board with Folip's mood board maker.

Everybody loves a good mood board, right? Yes, kind of like the boards of Pinterest, but mood boards don't always have to be personal. They're a great way of putting ideas together and expressing emotions on a topic with others. Mood boards or inspirational boards aren't just for a pretty social media profile, but they can be great for many professions. Aesthetic boards aren't just for interior or fashion designers but can be of help in many businesses.

That's exactly what a mood board is for. Using text, images, and graphics can help put an idea together and help other people understand and relate to it better. Visualization of an idea is a powerful tool, and your mood board design can bring innovative strategies to life or make it fall apart. And it's very possible to do with a moodboard maker.

Getting a mood board layout right and having an aesthetic mood board to present can be hard to nail, and that's why you need Folip. Folip's free mood board creator tool is perfect for designing custom mood boards. You're supposed to use your inspiration board to explain your brilliant ideas, and you're the best person to do that. Folip's moodboard maker will help you to understand concepts easily. The two things you need to make a mood board with Folip is a unique idea and a few minutes.

How to Make a Mood Board with Folip

  1. Log into your Folip account. You can access your Folip from any device at any time. Haven't signed up with Folip yet? Don't be left out. Sign up now
  2. Once you're signed in, choose a mood board template to begin. Browse through Folips massive collection of templates and choose one that's perfect for the idea you want to pitch. Mood board layouts matter, so remember that it's not just about what you want it but how you do.
  3. Add, delete, insert, and customize. Don't just add text and be done with it. Add your personal touch to your inspiring board. Switch the font types and color scheme to something that more suitable for your design and is a better presentation of your brand. If you already have an inspiration board design in mind, choose a blank template, and start designing.
  4. When you're happy with your mood board design, hit the save button!

Pitch your ideas with clarity and style

Mood boards should excite and entice the audience, so your design must be straight to the point. Icons like arrows, speech bubbles, illustrations, and different color combinations are lovely building blocks to an incredible mood board design. Folip has over a thousand icons that you can choose from and have a fun, creative process.

Carry your team on board

Folip understands the value of togetherness, and that's why it helps you bring your team on board. Come up with many inspiration board variations and get feedback from your teammates. Design together, in real-time, all from the comfort of your sofa.

Show your brand identity

Folips library is jampacked with different font types and a large color wheel to design your mood board. Take a moment to browse through the different mood board templates and select the one right for you. A significant factor to engagement is an attachment so remind your audience of who is by your signature style. If you'd like to switch it up, try other color palettes and fonts right from the same mood board creator.