Menu Maker

Delicious menu ideas to apply from Folip's Menu Maker

Folip's menu maker can help you within minutes, whether you already run a restaurant, a cafe, or a fine-dining place. You even maybe making plans to open a new one!

A menu is basically a look-book of the foods. When you see the photos of appetizers, great cocktails, big fat hamburgers on a creative menu, how can you say no? Maybe, you haven't thought this before, but nothing is random! When perfectly taken meal photos have met with a well-design, who wouldn’t order more?

Let's talk about this with an instance. How many times have you spent reading a menu in a cafe? Probably, you just take a glance. Right? According to the experts, people tend to look much more time at the first and last parts of the menu. So, you need to place your special meals that have the most attractive photos of these parts on your menu design.

Hey, don't you want to make a more profit? We highly suggest that you should consider these kinds of clues.

So, you should evoke people for the best order with a stunning impression in a short time. That means your menu should have legible texts. What else... Do you also feel more hungry when you see a fantastic photo of your favorite meal on the menu? You can add lovely images of featured food. Using photographs with high resolution is a great way to make more profit. You can make people tend to pick one with photos from the menu.

How to make a menu template

  1. Log in to your Folip account to create your Menu design. Oh, wait! Don't you have a profile? Okay. No problem! First, let's have an account here.
  2. Great! You have an account on Folip. Now, pick a free Menu Template which one you like. You will find one that fits your design. Just search with relevant keywords on the search bar.
  3. Then, you can change what you want on this template. Don't you like the colors? Let's change based on your color combinations. Folip provides easy-to-use design tools to change anything.
  4. Well done! Your menu is ready. Save your printable menu, and share it on your social media to show your delicious dish list.

Choose the right colors

You can spark off the appetites of people by using color theory. Use the right color combination on your menu template. For example, you can use brown color tones for the bakery, or blue is an appropriate color for seafood restaurants.

Don't add your money's currency

No signs are a smart way to make a balance. How? Let's explain it. You don't want to scare your customers. People tend to spend more money at restaurants that don't include any money currency in the menu. Also, you can make prices less visible than the descriptions.

Digital menus

Nowadays, a lot of restaurants or cafes use tablets as a digital menu. It is brilliant! You can save the print money for later. Another best part is coming: you can update the menu each month. It is super easy 24/7 on Folip. Also, all editable tools are free for everyone.

Join Folip whoever you are, a designer or non-designer doesn't matter for us. We create designs for everyone! You can have your excellent menus with Folip's free menu maker. Just click here to pick a menu template.