Create Memo Designs

Make memo designs in minutes which helps to communicate clearly

A memo is a way to announce news or inform employees about company updates. It also helps to grow effective communication. Let's create unique memo designs for your company to always provide updated info.

When managers want to say something important in the company, they sometimes write memos. It is also known as a memorandum, which means something to remember. Besides, it doesn't belong to non-company communication. You should write a formal email to other corporations.

Memos are one of the most common ways for internal company communications. It helps to inform employees about important announcements. Are your employees' attention to memos still not as much as your expectation? Why don't you write attention-grabbing memos by designing them that fit your topic?

Use Folip to create eye-catching memo designs to evoke action quickly. We understand the budget is a big concern for small businesses. That's why Folip offers a free and easy peasy whole design section.

How to make a memo

  1. Log into your Folip account to create a memo or sign up in seconds. Hey, why don't you use your Facebook or Google account to sign up as an alternative way?
  2. Search by typing "memo designs" on the search bar. Dig inside the library until you find one that suits your topic.
  3. Customize it depending on your design taste. Change or replace icons or illustrations that you don't like. If you have a brand logo, use it on your memo design. Eventually, add your detailed text.
  4. Save and send your memo via email. If you need, you can download it in any format. Then print it to put on the walls.

Hacks for great memo designs

A memo is longer than notes and simpler than letters. You don't need a salutation or signature in a memo. You should write points you want to convey clear and brief. Although memo designs can be more variable, the format of a memo should be definitive.

- Be always straightforward.

- Don't write in all caps.

- Don't use exclamation points.

- Share information directly.

- Avoid using emotional language, but the tone can change based on your topic.

- Always add 'Call to Action' end of the memos.

- Choose readable fonts.

- Don't kill your employees' time by giving adding too many words.

- Make sure all information are correct and don't have any typo.

Create a fantastic memo using by free memo template in Folip. Let's give it a chance now.