Media Kit Maker

Create a Media Kit for Your Brand

A media kit is a package of information about your company, product, event, or services. Potential partners and sponsors can quickly reach the information they need. And also, it helps journalists to write your story.

Indeed, the media kits' purpose is to grab the members of the press and editors' attention. You would love to evoke them to write an article or do an interview with your brand. So media kits should include all the imperative information about your brand.

At the same time, journalists and editors receive lots of emails. Informative media kits are essential but not enough to draw attention. Otherwise, your press pack goes to the trash like the others. Nobody wants to spend time on boring press kits. So it is the time to show your best side of your brand.

Does it sound a bit difficult? It is not if you use Folip's media kit maker. It helps you to create a professional one with well-designed layouts. Also, Folip provides many options that a media kit needs. Yes, it is easy and free for everyone.

How to make a media kit

  1. Sign in to your account, or if you have not yet, create a new one.
  2. Pick a media kit template from Folip's huge selection library.
  3. Change the colors depending on your brand colors. And add all your information. Don't forget to make sure all texts are grammatically correct. Until you feel satisfied, effortlessly customize your chosen template.
  4. Once you've finished, save it. And download in PDF format. Then, use it on your website as downloadable or attached to an email.

Influencer Media Kit

Influencer marketing is growing day by day. So a media kit is a brilliant way for influencers to show what they do to brands and businesses they want to work with. Representing all the work they've done means how serious they are. That's why press kits are so crucial for influencers. So they can take the collaborating chance with the brand. Creative media kits make influencers stand out on social media platforms.

What should media kits include?

- Information about company/person: Write a short biography of your team and how your adventure starts.

- Contact details: Give your business email address, not personal. And add all contacts that you have.

- Press releases: Include press releases. These contents will help a member of the press better understanding what the company is.

- Social media accounts: Make sure all the contact links work.

- Statistic: Add some statistics like website visits, user metrics, monthly growth. Numbers always impress people.

- Images: Use high-quality images in the media kit.

- Logo: If you have a brand logo, add it. Don't you have a logo yet? Let's create a new one using Folip's logo maker.

- Others: Depending on your business, you can diversify subheadings, such as awards, testimonials, or annual reports.

Build your branding

You can make people want to work with you due to the impressive media kit. So, build your branding ladder with Folip's media kit maker.

Start from now!