Magazine Cover Maker

Magazine Cover Maker

Create Stunning Magazine Covers in 4 steps

Who doesn't want to read a magazine that has a fabulous cover? You see, it is the most advantageous way to grab some attention. If you plan to increase your readers, no doubt, you should create attractive magazine covers. Listen to us! You can quickly stand out with your covers made by the Folip's Magazine Cover Maker.

Reading magazines is one of the most enjoyable hobbies for sure. It makes us feel relaxed. We can run away from our stressful lives when focusing on funny news for a while. Also, it is a fantastic way to learn a lot of new things.

Well, even if you look at only the covers, you can feel the optimistic vibe. Do you remember how the magazine covers shine with their attractive designs? Whether fashion, lifestyle, or history magazine, they always have exciting headlines and cover photos.

Magazine Cover Maker helps you to stand out among rivals

Covers are a showcase of magazines that help you to get more buyers. It is the most incredible instrument for a first impression. Readers can't see what is inside the magazine because it usually has a protective bag that covers the whole magazine so they judge the magazine with its covers. So you must create an excellent cover. Shh! We whisper in your ear the solution: Folip's magazine cover maker!

We have a lot of stunning templates for your magazine cover. Don't be afraid. It is free to use and super easy! It doesn't matter you are a designer or not; you can easily customize it.

First of all, your string magazine cover should evoke readers to buy it! And then, it needs to show the theme of this month's topic. A magazine cover must stand out with its bold and visually appealing. Unique and eye-catching magazine covers improve you to reach more sales.

How to make magazine covers

  1. Get login to your Folip profile or sign up here immediately. Don't delay!
  2. Choose a Magazine Cover Template by created Folip's professional designers. Check thousands of inspirational covers until you feel satisfied.
  3. Once you have selected your magazine cover layout, you can customize the elements. Add your cover photo and hot headlines by using drag and drop. You can make a special photoshoot for your next copy or search in stock photos.
  4. Save, print out or publish it online. Sparkle!

Publish your magazine on time

Time is crucial for magazine publications because the editor-in-chefs always want to release the next copies on time. Okay, creating content is a strict process but designing a magazine also is. It can take so much time. You ought to have easy-to-use tools.

Folip's online magazine cover maker is an excellent option to save your time. Make magazine covers in minutes! You can publish your magazine on time without worrying.

Post your magazine covers on social media

After you have finished the design, the next step is to publish it on social media to promo your new copy. Tell readers that the magazine is ready!

Upload your own images to Magazine Cover Maker

Magazines always take attention to their visual covers. That means editors try to use outstanding images for every issue based on the main topic. Once you have chosen a magazine cover template, you can upload your photos or illustrations to your template.