Logo Maker

Logo Maker

Time to Create Your Logo in Minutes with Professional Templates

Building a brand from scratch is challenging. But not impossible. There are so many brands outside, and people only remember the ones who have great logos, stories and who provide unique experiences. Why not have great impressions on people's minds and recall their user experiences through unique symbols, colors, and items?

A logo is an essential element in creating a brand that reflects your company's reputation and digital persona. The right logo will help you create the right image on people's minds. Make your logo perfectly coherent with your brand to not waste your one shot catching your potential customer in the first impression.

If you want to build a professional look and well-designed branding in your industry, your first need is a logo that will be your brand's face. Of course, you can have no budget for hiring professional designers or no designing skills. No problem. Folip is here to help you create a logo for your business for free. Designing a professional logo with Folip's logo maker is free and so easy.

Once you have completed your logo on Folip, you can download it on your device and start using it on your website, social media profiles, email signatures, and so on. Let's make a logo for your brand with Folip's free logo maker.

How to make a logo for your brand

  1. Log in to your Folip account or sign up here quickly.
  2. Choose Logo Templates from our library and start designing.
  3. Customize a template with Folip's easy-to-use features. You can drag & drop items, change the colors, add your brand name or edit the font. Ta-da! You've done the first essential element of your brand.
  4. Save and show your class.

All-in-one experience in designing a brand logo

Get inspiration from our extensive selection logo library created by Folip's free logo maker. Then, choose a logo template that speaks for your brand. Start to customize the color, font, and other elements. Folip enables a whole design studio for non-designers or even designers. Once you have done your logo, You can use it anywhere you want, whether social media, website or printed out. Show your fantastic custom logo in your industry.

Color psychology

Colors create psychology on potential customers to communicate in a better way. A logo says what your industry is. For example, if you are a healthcare company, you can use blue tones on your logo to create a tranquilizer effect on people. Tell people your brand characteristics by using the right colors. It will be useful for you to read color theory to decide on colors. Folip's templates are designed based on color combinations by a professional team.

Research really matters

Which font do you want to use on your logo? Have you decided on the brand's colors? Minimalist logo or retro logo? OMG! Which ones correct for you? Calm down. Firstly you need a little research about what you want to show precisely and tell your target audience. You can start creating your logo based on what your target audience is likely to love. Search for the right template that represents your industry with keywords on Folip.

Create a memorable logo

Wouldn't you like to have a logo that easily rememberable everywhere by everyone? Isn't it sound amazing? You can become a big brand with a professional logo, which is an impressive design. You can do that with Folip!