Letterhead Maker

Create Online Letterheads for Professional Mails

Excellent communication is vital for businesses to flourish regardless of their size. While social media posts and zoom meetings are very popular now, emails and postal mails are still necessary. But also, emails can easily get lost in spam, so why not make them stand out? Don't know how? By creating an eye-catching letterhead for your emails.

Forget what you've been told about letterheads. Regardless of your company size, you have to look professional. Presentation is everything, and a good letterhead always makes for an excellent presentation.

If you don't know how to make letterheads, let Folip help. You can create letterheads in minutes with Folip. Choose from an extensive library of letterhead templates and stun everyone with your impressive design. No need to worry about the type or which fonts look best together. Browse through our pre-designed templates and pick any template you like.

How to make a letterhead with Folip

  1. Firstly, log into your Folip account. If you haven't signed up with Folip yet, sign up here. It's easy to use and absolutely free.
  2. All logged in? Perfect! Look through our design library and pick out a template of your choice.
  3. Now, make the your own by customizing it. Create the company header of your dreams in a few steps. Personalize your favorite template by adding your company logo, name, and address.
  4. Wow! You made it. You can now save your personal template.

Make a statement with your Letterhead

Don't just send a good email or postal mail. But make an impressive one with Folip's professional letter template. Use your business letterhead to create brand awareness by incorporating your logo into your design.

Use the right language

How we say things matter, and with Folip, you can say things the right way. Command attention with bold font types and colors.

Design with your co-workers

Don't design your template all alone. Why not bring in your co-workers as well and brainstorm letterhead ideas together? Just click the share button and have your teammates onboard too.

Share your design in one click

Your business partners and clients all deserve to see your fantastic design. Because of that, you shouldn't keep them waiting. So share your professional letterhead in just one click!