Create a Lesson Planner

Bring order to your classroom with a custom lesson planner

An excellent way to stay on top of things in the classroom is with a lesson planner. Even though teachers often find lesson planners very beneficial, students can too. A weekly lesson plan can help students know what to expect next and even encourage them to study ahead.

Getting your students to prepare for a class in advance may seem unlikely to do, but with a flashy lesson planner, it's achievable. If you can't think of making one from scratch, why don't you try Folip's lesson plan generator? With hundreds of free lesson plan templates to choose from, designing your own won't even feel like work. Draw attention to headings and key points by using bold font types and eye-catchy colors. Don't just end there. Customize your design with icons, graphics, and also high-quality images to catch your students' interests.

How to make a lesson plan

  1. To start creating a lesson plan, you need to log into your Folip account or sign up for free from here.
  2. Next, select the lesson plan maker from our templates menu. Here, you can scroll through hundreds of fully-designed templates. When you see a template you like most, just click on it.
  3. Now that you've chosen a lesson planner template to customize, add your own flair. Depending on the subject and the grade you teach, you can include suitable pictures and icons in your design.
  4. After you've designed it, save your weekly lesson plan, and download it.

Create a spectacular lesson planner

Regardless of whether you teach science or music, there are many pre-designed templates to choose from in Folip. Additionally, our impressive media library makes designing an online plan book fun for every subject.

Save time and money

Creating a lesson planner is just a fraction of preparing for a lesson. With that in mind, Folip uses a simple tool that makes designing easier and quicker. Not only that, but it's also free, and you can always create what you need without a budget.

Collaborate with your colleagues

There will always be one workmate who struggles with their lesson planner, so why not help them out? By sharing Folip with them, they can enjoy all the benefits of planned teaching. If you both teach similar subjects or teach the same class, staying in sync will be more manageable. Simply save your work each time you design, and your teammates will be able to get access to our digital teacher planner.