Label Maker

Design great labels to push your brand

Make the best label to boost your product. You can blast your brand like a rocket! You just need to use Folip's free label maker. A creative label design helps you to stand out among your competitors in your business. You can use them for anything.

There are no strict rules to design a label. You can add a logo, name and brief information about your product. Include the info that you think is needed. After you've selected a template, can customize it as how you want.

Do you have a skincare or makeup brand? And you need some fancy labels for your brand? You are at the right place to create one! Hey, also you, cookie chef! Why don't you promote your delicious cookies with unique tiny labels?

Don't you want your product to have an aesthetic look? Okay, let me tell you. You can make out this with label design. You will stand out from rivals in the business If you have labels.

Whether you want to create labels for any business or purpose, you can get help from Folip's free label templates.

How to make a label design with Folip

  1. Access your account using your password or join Folip's fantastic world here, which takes seconds.
  2. Dig into Label Designs Templates to find one that fits your product. Folip has a vast selection of templates in its Library. You can use our templates for any field.
  3. Once you've picked a template, you can start to adjust it. You will have a label in minutes, thanks to Folip's drag and drop features. You can change the template's color, texts, etc. Also, add your logo. Every step makes it more unique.
  4. In the end, you have a qualified label. Oops! Did you saw a mistake? You can edit it anytime using all kinds of devices. Save, download to print, and share it with your family!

Create your label design by the best option

Try something new like vintage, retro, or modern styles of design. In the beginning, researching your target audience will be an insightful move for you before you design a brand label. Thus, you can decide easier on how to create label content and style. All of each will develop your label design.

Save your money

We don’t want you to waste your money. How can you do it? Glad to asked! If you use Folip's free tools, you can keep your cash for later. It offers you almost everything for free. With its super easy to use features, designing turns out to be doable by everyone!

Print your online labels

It doesn't matter your purpose; you can use your label only in the digital world or print it in any format like PNG, JPEG, or PDF as high-resolution.

Your brand; your strategy! We are here to help you. We have got your back. If you don't want to wait anymore, start here, and create your unique label design!