Invitation Maker

Invitation Maker

Got something coming up, and you want the people closest to your present? Let's say a birthday party, a graduation dinner, or an anniversary celebration. Easy! Send out an invitation by easily prepared with an invitation maker. As human beings, we want to share our life events with others. Sometimes these events have us feeling our absolute best while others have us feeling the opposite. Regardless of the situation, we need to share moments in life. After all, joy multiplies in the presence of others, and sorrow divides among them.

You can invite people to upcoming events in so many different ways. Some people prefer to do this over the phone while others would do it over a coffee cup instead. Both are great because they're so intimate, but what loved one's miles away? How do they get the memo? A phone call? What happens when they're not home? Or when they don't listen to their voicemails? (We all know someone who never listens to their voicemails) But you love them and still want them to attend your upcoming event, so what can you do? Send them an invitation card. Don't know. how to design? Start with using invitation card maker.

Create Stylish Invitation Cards in Folip

An invitation card is the best way to invite guests for so many reasons. An invitation card can have all the information about the event, and you don't have to worry about your guests, forgetting the date. You can also include the venue, event program, dress code, and any other thing you think your guests need to know. With invitation cards, you can easily keep track of who's been invited and who hasn't. While invitation cards provide your guests with all the information they need, invitation cards can also help build up the excitement for an event. With Folip's Invitation Maker, you can design well-designed invitation cards that reflect your style, which makes it more unique.

A well-designed invitation card may sound terrifying to make, but with Folip's invitation maker, it doesn't have to be. Folip has plenty of invitation card templates that would be perfect for every occasion. A birthday party, graduation ceremony, memorial, and wedding invitation cards- Folip has got you covered. Use Folip's invitation maker to create stunning invitation cards which is very easy and convenient to do. It's also free of charge, so you don't worry about invitation cards costing a fortune.

How to use Folip's invitation card maker

  1. Log into the Folip account. To get signed up, all you need are a few details, and you'll have an active Folip account within seconds. Quickly sign up here.
  2. Select the Invitation card template from the list of templates. Folip isn't just stocked with unique Invitation card creator features but many other design templates.
  3. Customize. Once you've selected the Invitation card template, you can either choose a blank canvas or customize a designed template. With easy-to-use tools, you can make any template your own by changing the color and fonts to fit your theme. You can also rescale objects, delete objects, and add items like icons or illustrations.
  4. When you're happy with your invitation card design, hit the save icon!

Free unlimited images and icons

Folip is stocked with lots of images that you can incorporate into your designs. If you can't use your pictures, these free images will be a lifesaver. The pictures aren't limited to one theme, and so you're guaranteed a quality picture for whatever occasion. On occasions where you'd rather not use photographs, you can choose unique icons and illustrations from Folip's library.

Save time and money with Free Invitation Maker

You don't need to worry about finding an affordable graphic designer or waiting weeks to get your design if you use Folip. We understand how precious time (and every coin)is, and so Folip was designed to make your work much more convenient.

Save your work with ease.

Sometimes you need a bit of extra time to get a design right, so imagine that you had to start from scratch every single time. With Folip, you don't have to do that. Folip saves all creations (including your invitation card designs) within your account, and so you can always return to your designs and start from where you left off. You don't even have to do it from the same device! Just log into your account from anyway and go to saved designs.

Planning an event is already stressful enough, so inviting people to it shouldn't be. Head over to Folip and start creating your fantastic invitation cards. Remember to make a Thank you card with Folip to send to your guests after the event!