Instagram Post Generator

Instagram Post Generator

Create an Instagram Post and Boost Your Profile

Instagram posts play a vital role in engagement with followers. Sharing posts frequently with the same designing style affects new followers. Let's create some cool posts to have a professional and more engaging account on Instagram.

Instagram posts are more than square visuals; they become today's digital art with creative images and different designing perspectives. So if you want to build a professional account or be an influencer on Instagram, you should put some effort and create unique content. You can create many specials posts with Folip's Instagram post generator. It will help you to take more likes, comments, and reposts.

As Folip is free to use, you can reach hundreds of templates with one click. Make your own graphics with no design skills needed. Just follow the directions, and this will be enough to create a design.

How to make a post on Instagram

  1. Log in to your Folip account or sign up here quickly.
  2. Choose an Instagram Post Template from our library designed by a professional team. You can drag & drop items, change the colors, add a text, and edit the font. Ta-da! You've done your post.
  3. Customize a template with Folip's easy-to-use features.
  4. Save, download, and upload your Instagram.

Instagram Growth Tips

Post Frequently

How many posts should users share on Instagram? According to the Instagram algorithm, Instagram experts say that all accounts should post at least once a day. If you want to rock your account, you should share posts every day. Don't know what to post yet? Please don't panic; it is effortless with Folip's Instagram post maker. You can create excellent posts whenever you want. Customizing a post template will take under minutes, and you can directly share it with your account. You see, creating posts with Folip every day is super easy.

Create a social media plan & strategy

Well.. Diving into a vast market without a plan? We hear you saying, ''I don't even have a pla.'' Let's not go blind.Start creating your posting schedule now and design what you need from today.If you plan your monthly content at the beginning of every month, you'll have more time to analyze social media posts and create innovative strategies. It's not always enough to share daily posts.You have to define powerful strategies to boost your Instagram account.

Instagram post sizes

Instagram allows users to share three options: square images (1080 x 1080), Landscape images (1080 x 1350), and portrait images (1080 x 566).

According to statistics, many social media experts recommend using vertical images on Instagram. Vertical posts can draw attraction easier when Instagrammers are scrolling.

Save your time

You can use ready-to-share templates from Folip's library. Customizing doesn't take so much, but maybe you don't want to change anything. Just choose a similar template on your plan. Try to find by using some keywords in the search bar.