Instagram Ad Maker

Instagram Ad Maker

Make Instagram Ads to Gain New Customers

No need for too many words to create a call to action. But you can inspire your followers with a catchy image and creative visuals on Instagram. Even though you do your best to increase your account's engagement and followers, your profile might not reach enough as you were dreaming of. So, you should pass on the next move: Create Instagram Ads!

Let's suppose that you have a stylish brand to sell outfits on Instagram. Although there is no mistake on your profile, you still may not make the necessary sales and profit for your company. So creating Instagram ads that will work for your budget is a powerful way to boost your account and increase sales. Eye-catching Instagram ads with proper strategy provide a wider audience, promote your business, and convert followers into customers. All you need is a stop-scrolling effect on your Instagram ads!

No worries! We assist in creating your first DIY Instagram ads banner step-by-step. After you've done your design, you will see how much it is easy peasy. Moreover, we bet you will always use Folip's Instagram ad maker, even your business more grown-up.

How to make an Instagram ad

  1. Access your profile to create Instagram ads. Sign up here if you still don't have an account on Folip.
  2. Folip's professional designer team created thousands of templates for startups, small-sized businesses, enterprises, or digital content creators. Choose a concept that suits your branding. Then, move to the next step.
  3. Folip provides various design elements to create ads easily for everyone. So, you can start from scratch or pick a template and customize how you want. Adjust shapes, texts, colors, backgrounds with the drag & drop feature. And also, all features are available on any device. With Folip's user-friendly interface, no need to be a designer.
  4. Make sure you don't have any typos or add wrong info on the ads template. Once you've completed your ads, save and download it. Ready to be published as your Instagram ad!

Reach followers, create an engagement

Instagram has an impressive reach among all other social platforms. It's a big market to be in and boost your business. You can create Instagram ads to reach higher engagement; such as more sales, likes, followers. Also, check your Instagram analytics, define your target audience, and make your advertisement targeting a specific group of people.

If you get confused about analytics, you can find many suggestions about it on the internet. So get help from the articles and start to design your ads with Folip for free, and finally increase sales! Well done!

Types of Instagram ads

Depending on your business goals, choose a type of Instagram ads. Don't worry! We are here to support you. So, just decide what you need in designing.

- Video Ads

- Photo Ads

- Carousel Ads

- Stories Ads

- Collection Ads

- Instagram Shopping Ads

- IGTV Ads

Consider these tips when you create Instagram ads

1. The more you have information about your followers, the more influential your campaigns will be. For this reason, regularly check your target audience's values and experiences.

2. Add CTA (Call-to-Action) to your Instagram ads.

3. Use high-quality images on your Instagram ad design.

4. You can use 2,200 characters for Instagram description, but most of the rows are being cut off. Users can see only two rows when they are scrolling. So, you must write your core text wisely.

Do your research about your strategy, then follow creating Instagram ads instructions on Folip. Boom! You are ready to shake Instagram.

Let's start!