Infographic Maker

Create striking and informing designs with Folip's Infographic Maker

Do you have something vital that you want to share but don't know how to get people excited enough to read it? We have a solution for you (drumroll, please); wait for it. Infographics! Yes. Infographics. As its name suggests, infographics are information graphics that a way of communicating. Information graphics are a composition of images, charts, and text used to spread a message.

Infographics are fantastic to use because they're the right way to break down information and make it easier to understand. Marketers, freelancers, and government officials use different kinds of infographics for many reasons. Statistical, informational, geographic, and comparison infographics are infographics used to promote brand awareness or show reports.

With so many different kinds of infographic designs, creating infographics can seem very challenging. It could be, but with Folip, it isn't! Folip has so many fantastic infographic templates that you could choose from. All of which are jam-packed with the latest graphic designs and are all free of charge. Yes. That's right. You don't need to hire a graphic designer and spend lots of money or time when you have a fantastic free infographic maker like Folip.

How to make an infographic with Folip

  1. Snap open your desktop or cellphone and log into your Folip account. Oops. Haven't signed up with Folip yet? You can sign up in just a few seconds here.
  2. Choose an Infographic template. The only struggle when designing an infographic with Folip is choosing which infographic template to use. With so many fantastic infographic templates to choose from, don't be surprised if you spend a few extra minutes on this stage.
  3. Customize. This is the fun part of creating infographics. Folip infographic templates come in various designs and have lots of elements on them. Charts, diagrams, icons, images, and font types are features you can use while creating infographics. If you decide to use a blank template, this is a chance to let your creativity flow with all these cool features. If you'd instead leave it to the design experts, Folips predesigned infographic templates would be an excellent choice for you.
  4. Save. Just like that, you'll have a design ready to be an infographic poster.

Create easy yet sophisticated designs

You no longer have to worry about being a creative genius because professionals already cover those parts at Folip. All the icons, illustrations, font types, and graphs have been crafted creatively, and you have free access to all of them. Successful infographics are exciting and engaging, and with Folips features, you wouldn't be guaranteed a design if that's anything less.

Save time and money with Folip's Infographic Maker

Time and money are things we want more and never get enough of. Given their value, it makes sense for you to be willing to save more of it, right? At Folip, we understand this correctly and strive to provide you an experience that helps you achieve this. With easy-to-use tools, you'll be sure to save lots of time and money when making infographics. Change colors, type fonts, and objects on your infographic design within seconds. With Folip, you won't just save time, but you'll save money with this infographic creator tool. Create as many designs until you have the right one. Free of charge.

Keep a collection of all your designs

Infographics are great to engage with an audience, but it doesn't end there. Flyers, brochures, and posters are also great to communicate clearly with an audience, and you can create these on Folip too! Save all of your created infographics to Folip and access them anytime and on any device. Folip is the best design generator that allows you to stick to your brand theme. With Folips unique tools, you can create matching invitation cards, flyers, and brochures with so much ease. Having a brand identity increases brand awareness and eventually leads to the engagement of your audience.

With so many things going on in the real (and virtual world), getting people's attention has never been more challenging. But with Folip, making a fantastic infographic and commanding attention has never been easier. Don't believe us? Try out Folip yourself.