ID Maker

Design impressive ID cards using Folip's ID maker

ID cards are a stranger's gateway to getting to know you. They make a first impression, and that can't be done twice. That's a reason why you need to make it count. Say goodbye to generic id badges and say hello to stylish id cards that will make you unforgettable. So, do you want to know how? By using Folip's ID maker, of course.

Folip's Id card maker is a brilliant choice because you can have professional id badges in minutes. In fact, let your club members and guests recognize you from a mile away by a dashing custom Id. To add on, zero professional design skills are needed. With easy tools and few steps, you'll unleash the ID creator in you.

How to make custom ID cards using Folip

  1. First, log into your Folip account. Oh no! Haven't you signed up yet? Let's create an account by signing up here.
  2. Once you have your Folip account and ready to go, select an ID card template from Folip's ID maker. Folip has a vast collection of free identity cards perfect for every person. Take a moment to browse through and pick one that you like most.
  3. Next, customize your design. This is where your creativity will shine. Upload a stunning picture of yours to compliment your ID. Add your company logo to make a remarkable impression. As important elements; add your name, surname, and needed information (otherwise, your badge would be very incomplete without it).
  4. Happy with your ID design? Awesome! Save and download it.

Look like a professional with Folip's ID maker

Use different font types to emphasize your name and use different colors to show your brand theme. With plenty of fonts and colors to choose from, you'll create a spectacular custom ID badge.

Save time

Time is valuable, and so you have to make it count. With Folip's ID badge maker, you can design anything in minutes. All the ID maker tools are simple and straightforward to faster your design process.

Never stop designing with Folip

You can use Folip for much more than just making photo ID badges. It's not only a fantastic ID maker but also a design platform for many other creations—namely, social media posts, greeting cards, posters, and everything else in between.Whether you need an ID badge maker for your club or a heartfelt card to a loved one, there's always a reason to use Folip. Sign up today to start.