Heart-Shaped Collage Maker

Create an Inspiring Heart Collage to Show Your Deep Love

Want a dream gift to give your love? If you want to create something speacial as a memory, look no further than a heart collage.

Why don't you collect your most beautiful photos in a heart-shaped collage? It is a romantic way to show your love. Not only you can make heart collages for your lover but also family and best friends.

Thanks to the digital world, creating a heart collage is child's play. Besides finding various online programs to make heart collages, we offer the best one, Folip.

Folip provides many inspiring templates created by high-class design taste. But you will have difficulty in deciding, and want to use all templates that you love. So why don't you choose all you want? Hey, it is all for free! Furthermore, you don't need to take a master's degree to create a heart photo collage.

Are you a non-designer? No worries! Because it is suitable to use Folip's editable layouts. If you believe in your design skills, you are free to do what you want. Even designers would love to use Folip because it is a perfect time saver.

Let's start to design step by step by following the instructions below.

How to make a heart picture collage

  1. Log into Folip, or create a new account to begin your designing adventure.
  2. Pick a Heart Collage Template from a massive collection of Folip. Dig inside until you find the most romantic style or the most loved one.
  3. Customize photos, texts, and colors. Also, upload your best shots. Then, drag and drop them in certain places.
  4. Save it to use wherever you want.

Upload your the most precious photos

It is exciting for everyone to make heart collage as an unforgettable memory. Let's start opening the photo files from your desktop and choosing the most precious of them you want to use in the collage. Then, define the most important photos from the selected photographs. And you don't have to use only images. You can also use some cute icons that remind you of your love.

Save it, print it, share it

You can download it to use on your mobile phone wallpaper and print it to hang a pinboard or wall. Also, you can share it on social media to shine your positive vibes with your friends. OK. Maybe you would love to make your friends jealous, a bit.

Wait no more time to create a heart collage for your most immense love. Let's start from here!